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Navigating a Hiring Freeze with Skill-Based Talent Practices

64 min


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Did you know that by 2030, it’s estimated that the global talent shortage could result in unrealized annual revenues of around $8.5 trillion?1

However, global organizations are still expected to make transformative technical hires and retain employees that will ensure product release milestones – even amidst hiring freezes and team reductions.

The strategies once used to retain and nurture top engineering talent are becoming obsolete – opening the door for paradigm shifts in the way organizations manage and develop engineers through skills-first talent management practices.

Join our new webinar in collaboration with TA Crunch as we explore the transformative power of skills-first talent practices to foster unparalleled organizational agility – even during a hiring freeze.

Key Topics to Be Discussed:

  • Explore the evolving landscape of the industry and dissect the implications of hiring freezes, backfilling, and shrinking workforce.
  • Define and demystify skill-based talent practices, offering a comprehensive understanding of their significance in modern talent management.
  • Discover the multitude of benefits associated with skill-based talent practices, including fostering internal mobility, enabling smoother project transitions, enhancing learning opportunities, boosting employee retention, and creating unique career journeys.
  • Learn how to implement skill-based talent practices within your organization, including the crucial aspects of internal talent and skill mapping, enabling you to optimize your workforce’s potential.

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  • Youssef Lahbabi

    Talent Acquisition PartnerCodility

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