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How to Compete for Senior Engineers

58 min


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Recent mass layoffs in the tech industry have created a surplus of available talent, intensifying competition for job opportunities. At the same time, tech workers who managed to survive the layoffs, many of whom are talented, senior engineers, are still grappling with anxiety and uncertainty about job insecurity and future job cuts, leading to hesitation when it comes to exploring new job opportunities.

At the same time, many companies in tech have scaled back their hiring efforts, allowing them more time and resources to carefully sift through the available talent pool and vie for the attention of senior engineers.

In light of these circumstances, how can companies make the most of their time and resources to attract and recruit these highly sought-after senior engineers in this competitive labor market? What strategies can be employed to encourage senior engineers to consider a change in their career? How can you strike the proper balance between senior engineers’ concerns over job security and the promise of growth and fulfillment that could come with a new role?

During this webinar, our panel will delve into the paradigm shifts that are reshaping the tech hiring landscape and share valuable insights, practical tips, and actionable strategies to revolutionize your approach to sourcing and hiring senior engineers.

Key topics to be covered include: 

  • Understanding the current tech talent shortages and their impact on your recruitment efforts.
  • How to tailor your hiring approach to meet the expectations of senior engineering candidates. 
  • Strategies to attract and retain the most experienced and talented senior engineers in the field – even with a reduced headcount on your hiring teams. 
  • How to streamline your technical workforce management and identify leadership or mentorship opportunities for senior engineers with data-driven insights about coding ability and skill gaps.

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