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Hiring and Retaining the Next Generation of Engineers

40 min


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New research shows that Gen Z is nearly 50% more likely to value career development and internal mobility through Learning and Development programs focused on upskilling and reskilling than Gen X.1

Are you prepared to attract, manage, and nurture the brightest young minds that will shape the future of your organization?

Join us as we delve into the paradigm shifts companies must embrace to effectively hire, manage, and ensure the professional development of the next generation of engineers.

Key Topics to Be Discussed:

  • Insights into the unique characteristics and values of Gen Z engineers and how to align your company culture and opportunities with their expectations.
  • Explore innovative approaches to recruitment that resonate with Gen Z, leveraging technology and branding to attract top talent in this competitive landscape.
  • Uncover effective management practices to empower and engage the next generation of engineers, fostering a collaborative and inclusive work environment.
  • Learn how to tailor professional development programs to meet the ambitions and preferences of Gen Z engineers, boosting retention and loyalty.

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