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Embracing the AI Era

59 min


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98% of global executives agree – artificial intelligence (AI) and foundational models will be a key element of their business strategies for the next three to five years.1

But are your teams prepared to navigate the seismic shifts that AI and automation are bringing to engineering roles and the technical hiring landscape?

Join Codility for a transformative webinar as we explore the paradigm shifts in how companies hire, manage, and develop engineers amidst the proliferation of AI.

Key topics to be discussed:

  • How to address the ethical challenges of AI adoption in engineering practices.
  • How to empower your current engineering workforce with reskilling and upskilling strategies to bridge the gap between existing expertise and the demands of AI-integrated technologies.
  • Tips on leveraging automation to redefine roles, enhance collaboration, and drive innovation and L&D opportunities within engineering teams.
  • Discover best practices for assessing the coding skills of engineers amidst global AI regulations.

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  • Neil Morelli, Ph.D.

    Chief I-O PsychologistCodility

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