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How to Conduct Fair & Insightful Technical Interviews with CodeLive

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How candidates approach complex problems, communicate with team members, and collaborate are just as important as their ability to code. So when you’re trying to find the right candidate for your engineering role, you need a way to fairly assess a candidate’s technical skill set, as well as their approach to problem-solving.

With CodeLive, you can deliver seamless technical interviews in a collaborative environment that provide key insights into how a candidate will actually contribute to your team.

Join members of the Codility engineering team, for a live demonstration of CodeLive, as they highlight:

  • Why providing a user-friendly, interactive interview environment is critical for engaging and assessing senior candidates
  • How standardized CodeLive interviews can mitigate bias and ensure candidates are assessed fairly
  • Core components, such as video chat, IDE, collaboration and organization tools, and whiteboard functionality, that deliver seamless collaboration during any technical interview

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