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Are You Prepared to Meet the Demand for Skill-Based Talent Management?

53 minutes


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In today’s environment of continuous and unpredictable change, organizational success requires innovation, agility, and resilience. To accomplish these goals, leading companies are reskilling and upskilling employees and assigning them to projects and roles based on their validated skills, rather than their job titles.

Join Taylor Sullivan, Ph.D., Senior Director of Product Insights and Principal I-O Psychologist at Codility and Lenora Knapp, Ph.D., President of Knapp & Associates International, Inc., to learn more about how employers and workforce development organizations are using skill-based assessment and data to drive talent mobility and the opportunities this trend presents for your organization.

Our presenters will discuss:

  • Why employers are starting to focus their hiring and talent development practices on skills vs. jobs
  • The benefits to your organization of a skills-based approach
  • How to leverage this new opportunity and begin reskilling and upskilling your workforce

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