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As the world begins to seriously ponder the future of remote work, ensuing your hiring process is up to date with global compliance standards is a new challenge. At Codility, we’re a few steps ahead.

Whether you like it or not, compliance in tech hiring is foundational to ensuring hiring equity and protection of candidate data. With more and more hiring teams opening the borders of their typical souring pool, more standards and regulations come into play. It’s important to take note and ensure that as you enter a new phase of tech hiring you remain in compliance. And from our perspective, compliance is something which can really support a more equitable future.

Inclusion starts with an accessible hiring process

Inclusion is key to empower engineers to contribute to their full potential. As an idea, inclusion is about making employees feel safe, have a clear sense of purpose and ensuring that each of us treats the other with mutual respect. But inclusion begins from the first engagement point, which for many, is the hiring process. 

We’re constantly striving to make our platform accessible and welcoming to all developers. Tech hiring was designed and still is, for the most part, more about judgement than about conversation. As we work with our customers to move towards more equitable hiring practices, we also ensure that our platform meets the following criteria: 

  • Meets Web Accessibility Guidelines WCAG 2.1 AA
  • Provides an accessibility mode with Screen Readers
  • Has a built-in workflow to allow candidates to inform when more care is needed 
  • Run constant monitoring for accessibility testing 

With virtual interviewing now the norm, it’s important that all systems and software used along your process are accessible to your candidates. Recruiters should prepare that applicants may need to modify their tools in order to get the job done, so give advance notice to the candidate so they may provide you feedback about any needed adjustments.

Compliance means taking data security seriously

When it comes to regulatory compliance, ensuring your hiring process meets global standards can be tricky. Many countries and in some cases, states, have a slightly different certification standard and you’ll need to meet them all to reduce your compliance risk fully. 

Data security has been a priority at Codility from the get-go. Founded by an Engineer, our platform has always ensured the privacy of candidate information and technical scores. 

Codility is in compliance with the following: 

  • California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) compliance
  • ISO 27001 Certification
  • US-EU Privacy Sheild
  • GDPR 

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Rachel Whitehead is VP Marketing at Codility.

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