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This year we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how to improve technical interviewing for experienced developers and the different tools technical hiring teams need to get high-quality insights without sacrificing on candidate experience.

We’ve worked directly with clients on how to better solve their technical hiring challenges around senior developer recruiting. This led us to focus on our technical interviewing product, CodeLive. Technical interviewing is a tricky business – they’re often the first point of real human interaction between a candidate and their future technical colleagues, which means it’s not just about getting high-quality insights into the candidate’s abilities, but also about painting a picture of why that candidate should join the team. At the same time, we’ve evolved the way our clients use the Codility Platform to evaluate senior candidates, whether using CodeLive or CodeCheck, so they can better understand their candidate’s real-world experience by reviewing their applied technical skills. This brought us to major renovations in our assessment engine to ensure we could provide automatic evaluation on real-life engineering skills, and not rely on manual grading.

“Altogether, it’s been a busy year.” – John Bailey, Director of Product

Not only have we shipped a record number of enhancements, we’ve worked with our clients to help them embed objective assessments more deeply into their workflows, across more teams than ever before leveling up their technical hiring process. We’ve launched a new website, outgrown our offices in both Warsaw and San Francisco, and just released our inaugural Developer Report based off of survey responses from over 2,000 developers.

Here are our 2018 Product Highlights:


Real-Life Engineering Skills: for Experienced Candidates

DevOps, Big Data, QA, Django, Blockchain, .NET, Laravel, Spring, Hibernate, Data Science NumPy, Java Streams, Python, and Ruby on Rails – these are all applied skills and technologies the Codility Platform can now automatically assess.

In 2018, we’ve released tasks covering a broad range of skills, and in particular, we’ve introduced Real-life Engineering Skills to our library. This new style of task provides a way to assess a candidate’s everyday applied engineering skills, great for assessing experienced developers who’ve worked in the industry for a few years or more.

Codlity Library: Real-Life Software Engineering Skills
New Real-Life Engineering Skills added to the Codility library.


CodeLive 2.0: Making it Easier to Connect with Candidates

We’ve added a ton of new functionality to CodeLive this year, driven by user feedback about which features would make a difference for their technical interviewing success.

First we added a voice and video call feature to CodeLive so that remote interviews is run completely in the Codility interface. This was followed by enabling Access Codes, so interviewers can quickly enter and start technical interviewing in CodeLive without needing to log into Codility or have permanent account access. Then we added Score Cards so interviewers can quickly provide their personal evaluation of the candidate, automatically attached to the candidate report for the rest of the team to see.

For interviewers, we added three new room formats to make their CodeLive set up even smoother. Choose from Template, Whiteboard or Report mode – depending on whether you want consistency, full flexibility or better focus on technical discussions respectively.

GIF of CodeLive
Technical interviewing made easy with CodeLive.


Sponsored Challenges: to Enhance Employer Branding

2018 saw us launch a new product in the employer branding space, to help clients hiring globally raise awareness of their engineering team amongst the developer community.

Hosted on the Programmers’ HomeSponsored Challenges made a big splash, with 212% growth in challenge participants compared to the previous year.

“With our Codility Sponsored Challenge, we were able to put our brand in front of thousands of talented developers and stand out in a fresh, unique way. We’re also really happy with how much exposure we got in the global developer community.” – Denise Dresler, Director of TA

Download Avature’s customer story here.

Codility Sponsored Challenges
The launch of Sponsored Challenges hosted on Programmers’ Home.


Better Tests = Better Candidate Experience

Earlier in the year we finished research showing a correlation between poor candidate experience and common test set-up mistakes. What resulted was a project to vastly improve the way users create tests.

It can be tough to navigate the Task Library, so we designed the Test Builder to help users select the right tasks for their test, based on the type of role and seniority level they’re recruiting for. Whether it’s a senior front-end developer role, or a data science intern, the Test Builder searches the Task Library for the best tasks and pre-selects them for the user to review.

For those who prefer to build their coding online tests independently, we’ve included tips right into the interface which nudge the user based on selected tasks, giving them feedback about how to make their test more candidate-friendly without sacrificing on insights, improving candidate experience across the board.

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Marketing Specialist at Codility, Jeff is passionate about empowering hiring teams to connect with candidates. He draws on his own experiences as a recruiter to create meaningful content. Outside of work, you can find him on the soccer field or catching the latest Sci-Fi flick.

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