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Skilled front-end developers can be game-changers for your company, bringing their understanding of user perspectives and technical factors to produce seamless, intuitive user experiences. So, what’s the best way to handle technical recruiting?

Great news: we’ve added a new task type to our library to help you assess front-end developers and find the best engineering talent, fast.

The work front-end developers do touches many parts of the product and user experience, so they collaborate with a lot of teams and need to have a robust skillset. In the Codility platform, you can now combine a simple coding task with a Design Task to get a comprehensive look into your candidates’ core technical skills. Even with a high volume of front-end applicants, we’ll help you decide who to reach out to by ranking your engineering talent pool based on their online programming test score.

Screenshot of Codility's platform for assessing engineering talent
Assess front-end developers and find the best engineering talent with Design Tasks.

You can use Design Tasks to gain insight into how front-end candidates use HTML and CSS to create web pages. All you need to do is send the task instructions and design spec files to your front-end candidates through Codility. Candidates will then build the website according to the specifications and upload their code straight back into Codility for you to see.

Hiring managers can look at a side-by-side comparison of what the web design should look like and candidates’ submitted version. Then they can assign an online programming test score to be added to the overall candidate score from other front-end developer tasks on the assessment.

We’ve learned that even the best technical recruiting process has room for improvement. When searching for top engineering talent, you face your highest volume of applicants at the initial screening process – so why not apply a sound method for determining which candidates are the best possible fits? Codility allows you to administer an online programming test to see whether candidates have the basic coding skills you require before inviting them to more time-consuming interviews. At the same time, the platform is designed to deliver a great experience to the candidate

Use our new Design Tasks to effectively screen and hire front-end developers with an online programming test, helping you add strong engineering talent to create great user experiences for your customers.

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