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Codility is this year’s G2 Spring Leader for Technical Skills Screening Software. 

Each season, G2 evaluates organic reviews left by users who rate technical skills screening software based on their actual experiences. Codility’s overall G2 rating currently stands at 4.7/5, confirming that our customers are successfully using Codility to attract, screen, and interview candidates based on their real-life engineering and fundamental programming skills – all remotely and at scale.

Given the events of 2020 and the shift to remote-first hiring processes, we’re proud to save our customers time, conduct technical screening quicker, bring them faster hiring, and give engineers more time to solve problems that matter, even in the most challenging times.

More Important Wins

Codility’s software was also highlighted in these categories:

  • #1 on Best Relationship
  • #1 Enterprise Leader
  • #1 Mid-Market Leader
    • Easiest to Use
    • Easiest Admin
    • Best Usability
G2 Technical Skills Screening Software Quadrant
We’ve been named #1 in Technical Skills Screening Software.

Outside of the G2 report and together with our customers, we evaluated the coding skills of over 600,000 developers, a 32% increase within the last year. We also added 249+ new tasks to our libraries to run technical screening across an even broader range of skills in languages and technologies, including AWS Lambda, Kubernetes, Azure Functions, Swift, Kotlin and application security skills in Python. Along with the G2 report, these high notes have us excited to share what we have in store for 2021 and beyond!

Thank you to our customers for taking this journey with us and to the Codility team for working hard to increase the problem-solving capacity of the world.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

“It is really easy to create a test set and see how that has worked for applicants that taken it before. You have the required skills levels and also completely programming language independent tasks that can be used if you’re recruiting multiple developers with different skill sets.”

– Mikko I. VP of Engineering, Mid-Market

“The quality of the test, easy of use of the platform, face to face experience during this pandemic times. The support is the best, and we are getting prompt help when needed. The detailed reporting help to track the candidates’ activity during the test. The video calls are mostly smooth, giving a real-time face-to-face interview experience.”

–  Abhay G. Senior Manager, Enterprise
“Codility has given our hiring managers effective, off-the-shelf technical exercises, along with automated grading features, giving them and their leads more time back in their day. With new languages and tasks being added all the time, the platform supports organizations like ours with ever-evolving tech stacks. Lastly, Codility is a tech recruiter’s dream. Anti-bias and anti-plagiarism features, along with intuitive workflow enable informed decision making and speed up communication feedback loops.” 
–  Brad M. Technical Recruiter, Enterprise
“Using Codility for a candidate’s technical skills assessment allows me focusing on human skills questions such as communication, teamwork, initiative spirit, problem-solving talent … during the interview. Thanks to its large choice of tasks covering the most useful technologies, there is always a way to build a test matching our expectations. Besides that, we can rely on Codility similarity check feature, as I faced this situation a few times.”
– Khalil F. Senior Development Manager. Enterprise

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Vienna Urias, Content Marketing Manager at Codility

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