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Tech hiring is not what it used to be. In order to know where it’s going, let’s look at the trends that are shaping tech hiring today. You may be surprised!

Tech hiring has historically been transactional — but with more competition in today’s job market, it’s time for a new era that focuses on making tech hiring more strategic. Trends in diversity and inclusion and recruiting AI are at an all-time high. 

Diversity and inclusion is the top trend (78%) and that comes at no surprise seeing that tech companies have made little progress in their diversity and inclusion initiatives throughout the years. Diversity and inclusion will continue to be an area of focus as more companies continue to improve their diversity and inclusion strategy.

Recruiting AI software has generated attention in helping hiring managers recruit faster and smarter. By automating the entire process from start to finish, hiring managers using recruiting AI software have experienced an increase in diversity hires and reduced time-to-hire for roles. Not only that but by replacing manual processes with recruiting AI software, it also leaves candidates with a better, more seamless experience.

Did you know that a majority (58%) of tech hiring teams believe that new interviewing tools are one of the top trends that impact how they hire?

Every company has a different tech hiring process, and things like HR automation and digitization are changing the ways that we use tech recruitment software — a more cost-effective option to traditional interviews. Companies need to properly assess soft skills and hard skills all while ensuring that no bias is being added to the process. It’s simply not effective to just have a “chat” anymore.

HR automation tools have been proven to be easy-to-use and frees up time for what matters most–finding qualified candidates fast. More recruitment teams are using HR automation tools to streamline their recruitment processes saving time and money, and kissing manual processes goodbye. HR automation tools allow hiring teams to make data-driven decisions so there is confidence behind every new hire.

Tech recruiting platforms like Codility can help you fight the odds of what we’re seeing today in tech hiring: poor candidate experience and costly assessments. We know that tech hiring needs a lot of improvement, especially since things like employee churn are more common than you’d think.

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