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By the year 2030, employers around the world will face a human talent shortage of more than 85 million people, according to research – and tech firms are already feeling the crunch, competing intensely for the attention of new graduates and experienced professionals.

Asseco, one of the largest tech companies in Poland, launched an internship program, Asseco Starter, in 2016. The program helps Asseco reach some of the best and brightest students before they graduate, building relationships with them through internships, which frequently lead to full-time jobs. For instance, last year, 23 of 24 interns were hired by the company following their internships, representing a 95% retention rate.

A successful internship program starts with a strong recruiting process. “We needed to ensure that the recruitment process was fair, standardized for every candidate, and accurately measuring their technical skills,” says Anna Paruch, HR specialist at Asseco. “The team decided to use Codility for accurate screening and cheating and plagiarism prevention, without the risk of damaging the candidate experience.

Saving Time By Simplifying Coding Tests 

To screen each internship candidate, Asseco needed to test their coding skills. Codility’s CodeCheck allows candidates to complete a take-home assessment testing their coding skills in Java, SQL, C++, .NET, or C#. The tool offers a robust library of tasks in different languages and technologies to choose from, and individual hiring managers don’t have to take time to prepare or check the tasks manually. “That’s a huge time saver,” Paruch says. 

Take-home coding assessments are simple to administer and ensure a positive candidate experience. And with built-in plagiarism prevention and fraud detection, they also help ensure candidates’ integrity.  

Building A Robust Remote Interview Process

After the screening process is complete, the chosen candidates participate in interviews with the recruiter and the hiring manager. Asseco used to invite candidates on-site, but this year they started to test CodeLive as a shared, live, development environment for remote interviews. The unique tool facilitates remote interviews that are just as robust as live interviews. 

“When I first showed CodeLive to our hiring managers, their eyes lit up,” Paruch says. “They realized it makes remote coding so much easier, plus it allows them to draw diagrams, tables, or visually explain complex processes.” 

With the capabilities of CodeLive, Asseco will no longer have to rely on whiteboards and Google Docs, but they will be able to conduct remote interviews without compromising on the quality of the candidate experience. High-tech tools like at-home testing, remote coding, and robust virtual interviews make it easier to recruit tech candidates virtually.

Learn more about Codility and how it can help streamline the remote hiring process here.

Vienna Urias, Content Marketing Manager at Codility

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