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When hiring mid and senior-level Developers you’re looking for experience in becoming acquainted with an existing codebase and the ability to apply changes within an often complex system. 

Evaluating these skills has always been difficult – you could review your candidates existing work samples, which lack context, or ask the candidate to upload a full project, which required grading. These methods were time-consuming, allowed subconscious biases and were tricky to scale. But, knowing whether a candidate had this level of experience and skill was vital in making a good hiring decision.

We partnered with a group of our customers to investigate this problem and over the past 6 months have been beta testing a couple of approaches. It was important to us to balance gaining the insights Hiring Managers need, with providing an excellent and fast experience for the candidate which didn’t require arduous navigation or long delays.

Introducing Project Tasks

We’re happy to release Project Tasks – our latest skill evaluation method which mimics the experience of working in a real codebase with multiple files and directories so you can see how your candidates organize the whole project structure, while using technology-specific conventions.

The result? Realistic skill assessments designed for using when evaluating experienced developers for key roles in your team.

Project Tasks also provide a more natural way of working with popular frameworks used for web services development like Django and Spring. Project Tasks already cover:

  • Backend Developers in Java, Javascript, Python and C# including concepts like web microservices, REST APIs, database operations, data processing and serialization
  • Site Reliability and DevOps Engineers including concepts like cloud configuration with Docker, Helm and Kubernetes
  • Data Engineers including concepts like user-defined functions in PySpark

For candidates, the Project Tasks editor facilitates the easy management of files, allows them to open multiple tabs, and conforms to WCAG 2.1 AA requirements.

Developers Rarely Start from Scratch

The majority of engineers you bring onboard will be working within your existing codebase, so understanding how well they’re able to structure their code will be a welcomed additional insight for your Hiring Managers.

Follow this up with an interactive technical interview on CodeLive where you can collaborate with your candidate, have them refactor their initial CodeCheck assessment, or diagram out a flow chart or database table. It’s flexible and designed to facilitate technical discussion.

Book a demo with us to see Project Tasks in real time and take a tour of our tech hiring platform.

Jan Ambroziewicz is Senior Product Manager at Codility, leading the development of the core task platform, a fan of filter coffee, and an after-hours electronic music producer.

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