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Making the right hiring decision can propel your business forwards in a moment. But hiring decisions aren’t easy, especially when you have more candidates in front of you than before. 

The market has changed, and there’s no question that the way you hired engineers in Q1 will not be the same throughout the rest of the year. With more engineers on the market today than yesterday, the way you hire should give you evidence-based insight without slowing down the decision-making process.

The Right Hire For Your Team

Finding the right hire for right now is always a moving target. They have that special combination of skills, attitude and experience which matches your team and the project at hand. For Hiring Managers and Recruiters, having multiple decision making factors to consider brings challenge when there are many candidates to choose from.

We’ve been working with our high-scale customers on this problem for a while, questioning what is the right decision-making matrix for screening candidates and how we can best provide them insights into real skill which makes making the right decision easier.

Introducing Weighted Scoring 

The weighted decision-making matrix is a powerful quantitative technique which we have now brought to CodeCheck. Designed to help Hiring Managers decide which skills within a screening evaluation should have the most impact, Weighted Scoring provides clear guidance to both candidate and reviewer which skills have the highest priority for a given role.

  • For Hiring Managers it means they can give more points to the most essential skills needed for the role you’re trying to fill.
  • For candidates this means they can easily timebox their work to spend more time on the tasks which are most important to you.
  • For Recruiters it means they can quickly compare candidates based on their performance on all tasks with weighting taken into account from the get-go.

Our customers already using Weighted Scoring have reported that all this leads to an improvement in interview quality and a reduced risk of mis-hire.

Flexibility to Go Beyond the Essentials 

When hiring experienced developers, create your CodeCheck evaluation to assess additional skills that are nice to have but not essential, but give them a lower weight. This means you will give the space for high performers to display the full breadth of their skill, while still allowing others to show you their talent in the most efficient way.

With Weighted Scoring your hiring team has more freedom to design CodeCheck evaluations that will reflect your needs even closer.

Book a demo with us to see Weighted Scoring at work and take a tour of our tech hiring platform. We’re excited to show you all we can unveil.

Michał Lipinski is a Product Manager at Codility. He is focused on shaping the experience for Recruiters and Hiring Managers in acquiring top engineers.

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