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We’re constantly researching the experiences your candidates have on our platform. In 2020, we took the opportunity to refactor core elements of our candidate-side editors, and today we’re very excited to release a new and improved editor across our platform.

We strongly believe that all hiring decisions should be based upon your candidate’s best work. Over the past five months we have deeply explored how Codility can help candidates perform their true best, the first outcome of which is a total overhaul of our embedded IDE; introducing Microsoft Monaco as our main code editor adding substantial additional features. 

Happy candidates become happy team members

Microsoft Monaco is the open-source editor behind the most popular modern IDE to date: Microsoft VS Code. It’s renowned for its modularity, performance, flexibility, and support for plug-ins that allow each developer to customize the editor to their needs and work style. 

Adding Monaco to our evaluation interface level-ups the candidate experience, interface accessibility, and offers tremendous potential, with tailored settings for each candidate and the particular problem they solve. 

Alongside previously supported editor features, like syntax highlighting and fundamental formatting (indentation, closing brackets), our upgraded editor brings a number of game-changing improvements to candidate well-being and comfort during a recruitment test, like:

  • Multicursor – allowing to quickly change names of functions, arguments and signatures, and any other code snippet that occurs in multiple instances across your solution file;
  • Text completions – anything already in the code file will pop up as a completion suggestion, and can be applied with a single Enter/Return hit;
  • Find and replace – search for any text, and quickly replace it with new input;
  • Advanced autocomplete – smart, language and technology and context-aware suggestions, including content from imported libraries or packages, are a keystroke away.
  • As well as additional packages and custom features for CodeLive including unit testing frameworks and data science libraries. 

Accessibility gets a level-up

In addition to improvements for all candidates, we also level-up the usability of our code editor with screen readers and tools that help persons with disabilities to write code. We’ve introduced significant improvements in this space:

  • High contrast mode – enabling better legibility and triggered automatically in Microsoft Edge, but toggleable in each supported browser;
  • Keyboard navigation – using shortcuts or tabs to jump over lines and code guides quicker than ever, and leaving the control over it to the programmer;
  • Screen reader compatibility – combined with navigation hotkeys, greatly speeding up the coding workflow

We’re extremely excited about this major upgrade and see it as part of our mission to make Codility a platform where developers can work at their best, with tools that resemble their everyday workflow, and respond to the ever changing needs of the industry. 

To see our upgraded editor in action, book a demo with us and take a tour of our tech hiring platform. 

Jan Ambroziewicz is Senior Product Manager at Codility, leading the development of the core task platform, a fan of filter coffee, and an after-hours electronic music producer.

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