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This year has reminded us that a company’s internal talent marketplace is often the first place to look when searching for candidates to take on new challenges.

Expanding expertise amongst your employees and helping Hiring Managers discover those with high potential is more important than ever. While outside hires bring a wealth of experience and talent to the table, starting your hiring search from within brings efficiency that external sourcing can never catch up with, supports your retention efforts, and helps build a stronger company culture. 

When it comes to internal hiring for technical roles, the engineering team has historically been great at identifying internal talent to promote and grow. However there has always been a gap when it comes to employees who do not currently reside within the engineering system, despite their ability, interest or skill. 

Today, we hope to start changing this with our latest skill added to the Codility evaluation suite: Developer Thinking. 

Assessing Developer Thinking

We have found a correlation between people who can correctly learn how to solve very easy programming problems and those who have the predispositions to become a good programmer. This comes down to what we call Developer Thinking; the person’s ability to follow simple instructions, understand patterns, and then use this to write very basic code. 

People who display skills in Developer Thinking have the potential to become programmers and are great candidates for internal mobility and training programs aimed to upskill existing employees and offer them new opportunities internally. 

Our first generation of Developer Thinking tasks are designed for people who have had little to no contact with programming before, and within minutes can give you insights into a person’s future fit for a more technical role, while incrementally building their technical knowledge. 

Building your internal mobility program for 2021

Whether you are enabling re-skilling opportunities for non-technical employees, interested in broadening your candidate pool with people who can learn how to code, or launching diversity-focussed campaigns to people who might not have had the opportunity to learn programming before, Codility can now support your efforts in a whole new way.

We’ve partnered closely with key customers to design evaluation of Developer Thinking, and are interested to hear more about your upskilling programs. Book a demo with us to see our approach to evaluating Developer Thinking in real-time and take a tour of our tech hiring platform. 

Rachel Whitehead is VP Marketing at Codility.

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