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Like every team, we’ve been turning to creative ways to keep our employees engaged and feeling connected despite working from home for the past 3 months.

At Codility, one thing that has brought us a little closer together has been sharing pictures and stories of our at home coworkers. You know, the ones who’ve been interrupting zoom calls or stealing our food. But also, the ones who provide us a daily reminder to take breaks and get outside. Who would have thought that one of the simplest ways to reduce stress and improve our productivity would be long walks with our best friends? Hey dogs, you’re right. Walks are the best!

This is a shout-out to the pets who support us every day. Introducing the pets of Codility. Or as we like to call them, Codilipets.

“This is Annabelle. She’s been a part of my family for about two hours now and loves keeping me company. In our spare time, we love spending time indoors and staring at the ceiling.”
– Andrew Knowles, Senior People Ops Manager

“Meet Bella a.k.a Pączek.” – Ewelina Rapa, Revenue Operations Specialist
(p.s. pączek is Polish for doughnut)

Blitz & Callie
Introducing my coworkers: Blitz who does not understand the concept of personal space, and Callie who will betray you for food. One time she stole and ate a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts… but left one as a message. – Jaclyn Chang, Sales Development Representative

Majestic idiot, terrible co-worker and a very useless guard dog but he’s pretty so he’s got that going for him. Likes: Food, sleep and being annoying. Dislikes: Not getting attention and being reprimanded. – Paulina Lipinska, Administrative Assistant

Hello! My name is Fonz, born in Spain nine years ago, adopted by my hooman in Belgium when I was three and moved to Warsaw three yars ago. Good at: eating, sunbathing, sleeping, snoring, farting, eating, seducing hoomans with my charm, eating, barking at the doorbell, (did I mention eating?) and cruising in my hooman’s car. Not so good at: listening and catching flies. – Gunther Nonneman, Product Manager

This is Gus. Gus has figured out that if he lays down during his parent’s daily walk that Dad will carry him.” – Shannon Cain, Senior Customer Success Manager

Sweet and always hungry. – Nataliya Pasichnyk, Frontend Engineer

My dog Kiełas yawning at the end of a long day of working napping (a little rude but still cute). – Rachel Whitehead, VP of Marketing

Kromka is doing some research. – Michał Jarosz, Sales Engineer

Loki gets bored sometimes during meetings. – Grzegorz Stepniak, Senior Product Designer

I think my dog can become a meme for ‘you’re weird’.
– Natalia Dwórznik, Enterprise Marketing Lead

If you want someone to give you a judging look then here you are. Luna is the queen of shade. – Vladislav Dzvabava, Account Executive

This is Milo! He loves throwing his toys over our balcony when he sees other dogs walk by. He really enjoys what I like to call, “skin-to-skin contact. He’s a weirdo and I love him.
Michael Cruz, Account Executive

MC Pacho about to drop his new album ‘The Sharp Shadow of the Fog’. He steals my chair when I leave my desk for a moment. – Cezary Piwowarczyk, Business Operations Manager

Say hi to Sabrina! She’s the cutest except when she relieves herself on my rug or catches a bird in the backyard – Ivan Yu, Sales Development Representative

I don’t have pets but yesterday I reunited with Sascha, my Codility cactus with German-Russian roots. She now lives in my Codility corner.
– Ginny Pavlovskaya, Manager, Support and Professional Services

Soooo, he’s learning about phishing. – Sara Zwierzyńska, Junior Security Specialist

Shprota always knows when it is the perfect time for a coffee break.
– Kate Dolta, Enterprise Field Marketing Manager

Helpful desk cat. – Sarah Allen, Sales Engineers Manager

Vodka & (you guessed it) Tonic
My co-workers are not the most cooperative office mates. Their favorite activity is sitting on my keyboard and sleeping on the job. – Sally Lee, Senior Lifecycle Marketing Manager

Remember, behind every great employee there is a great pet cheering them on!

Meaghan Kelly is the Office Manager at Codility.

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