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Working in talent acquisition, you probably know how inefficient tech hiring can be, and you’ve likely hit roadblocks because of it. Today, talent acquisition teams struggle to source and accurately assess tech talent, especially if they’re not from a technical background. 

This article shares practical ways to source the best software developers, find the perfect candidate, and invite them for an online programming interview to assess their skills accurately. 

Where To Find The Best Software Developers?

The best way to hire software developers is to start filling your pipeline with the top tech talent. On average, it takes 50% longer to hire talent for tech roles than other positions, and TA teams are often at a loss for where to start looking for developers. Fear not; in this article, we’re sharing seven platforms perfect for finding and hiring software developers.

Let’s take a look at some of the best places to find qualified software developers and start your tech hiring process off on the right foot.

LinkedIn – for social savvy devs

If used properly, LinkedIn can be a fantastic place for hiring software developers. The platform boasts a large pool of highly qualified developers. It’s also likely that a lot of these developers are actively looking for new opportunities

The best ways to source candidates through LinkedIn:

  • Listing & updating your jobs: 40 million people use LinkedIn to search for jobs each week. Post job openings on LinkedIn and ensure your team keeps them updated so they remain at the top of the search.
  • Reaching out through InMail: If you’re struggling to hire mid/senior-level software developers, LinkedIn InMail open rates are 166% higher than those for cold emails and a great option to reach out to talent when tech hiring.
  • Publishing on LinkedIn: It’s also a good idea to post content regularly on LinkedIn. This can help you build your employer branding, following and ensure your tech hiring push has an organic reach. 
Publishing stats to consider for tech hiring on LinkedIn
Content publishing stats to consider for tech hiring on LinkedIn. Source


  • LinkedIn Groups: Despite LinkedIn not emphasizing their groups, social media platforms change daily. It may be worth joining Software Developer-specific LinkedIn groups if you have the time.

GitHub – for devs who like to share their code

GitHub is a platform for developers worldwide to collaborate on different projects – it essentially acts as a Dropbox for developers to store their code. It’s a tech-specific platform that many consider one of the best job boards for finding a software developer.

By reviewing developer work, you can better evaluate the skills and strengths of potential candidates for your tech hiring push. Plus, you can source different developers based on your requirements by making the most of GitHub’s advanced search options.

Consider GitHub’s advanced search for finding and hiring software developers
Making the most out of GitHub advanced search. Source

Stack Overflow – for collaboration-driven devs

Stack Overflow is a discussion forum designed for professional and enthusiastic programmers who can ask and answer questions on the platform. It’s one of the most widely used platforms developers use to look for jobs, and it has more than 5 million registered users.

Think of Stack Overflow like the Quora for developers. It’s primarily a question-and-answer website for developers, making it a great place to source talent. You can find developers who can solve complex or business-specific problems. 

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AngelList – for startup-loving devs 

AngeList can be a fantastic platform for hiring software developers. It’s a handy platform focused on helping startups match with employees and investors.

AngelList is particularly useful if you’re in the early-growth stage; it has a great talent pool actively searching for jobs with newly formed, small-sized companies. 

Consider AngelList for hiring software developers for startups
AngelList UI for help sourcing candidates when hiring software developers. Source 

Twitter – for community-led devs 

Twitter is an excellent platform for employer branding and finding, connecting with developers, and, essentially, tech hiring. 

You can connect with developers who are active on threads and relevant hashtags and engage with software developers who are already following your brand – which means they should have a solid idea of what you do. 

Websites for freelancers – for devs who work flexibly

Consider hiring a software developer on a freelance or part-time basis if that’s what your business needs. Popular websites like Upwork and Fiverr are good options for this. 

Their advanced search features help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Seasoned pros using these platforms have a wealth of reviews from previous clients. However, these platforms are used for gig work rather than full-time staff – it might not be the best place to source a candidate wanting to move permanently in-house. 

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How to Find the Perfect Candidate?

Once you have enough potential candidates in your tech hiring pipeline, it’s time to filter the list and find the perfect software developer. Here are a couple of ways to determine whether the software developer will be a good fit:

Determine the candidate’s technical ability

By conducting a code test at the beginning of your search, you can weed out candidates who don’t meet your technical requirements. 

Note: It may be worth conducting a first-round interview before the test, as some candidates may not want to do a test without having a clear understanding of the role they’re applying for. This is where employer branding strategies can prevent candidates’ reluctance to invest in technical skills testing early on in the interview process.

Assess the candidate’s behavioral and soft skills

Apart from technical skills, it’s also essential to evaluate the candidates’ traits and cognitive skills. You can assess their behavioral and communication skills through behavioral interview questions

The art of hiring software developers is in no way easy, but hopefully, this article has helped your process. Now’s the moment to acquire talent, look for it in the places we’ve mentioned, and assess it using innovative technology. Focus on acquisition today, so tomorrow, you can focus on retention.

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Richard Langford is an EMEA Sales Development Representative at Codility.

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