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Employers today should actually care about their potential tech candidates, what interests them, what motivates them — and what they’re looking for in a long-term opportunity.

Remember, software engineers are extremely ambitious. A majority (52%) of them chose the possibility of professional development as the most important factor for choosing an employer. Salary (52%) was the second most frequently cited reason for choosing an employer, followed by the opportunity to work on interesting projects (43%).

Engineering managers essentially dictate the quality of learning and development (L&D) opportunities available to their engineering teams. So what are the types of L&D opportunities that candidates — and employers — care about? Technical skills development and understanding the impact of evolving technology might be priorities for enterprise, whereas smaller companies might care more about soft skills training and development.

Regardless of company size, give your engineering team a budget to attend offsite events or professional memberships dedicated to a programming language or framework of their choice. This shows your engineering team that you are invested in their L&D and by leveling up their skills, you’re building a stronger, more capable engineering team.

The more engaged the candidate, the more likely it is that they will have a positive candidate experience. Data from our 2018 Developer Report show that there’s more work to be done to improve candidate experience. Areas that lead to a negative candidate experience include lack of feedback (63%), irrelevant assessments (52%) and sluggish interview steps (38%). Make sure that you’re measuring and making improvements to these areas to improve your candidate experience. 

Tailor hiring processes to maximize candidate experience wherever you can, and ensure that coding assessments are accurately evaluating the skills needed for the job. Automated hiring processes can help you accelerate your tech hiring efforts and with the right coding assessments, you’re well on your way to improve your time to hire and quality of candidates.

There’s always room to grow — whether you’re trying to detect plagiarism, automate feedback, or make tech hiring fast, an online coding assessment platform streamlines the process while adding more value.

Automated hiring processes will help you achieve your tech hiring goals faster. Codility provides an automated hiring process to help tech hiring teams find, screen, interview, and hire top software engineers with accurate and fair coding assessments. Get additional insights and recent tech hiring trends by subscribing to our blog or chat with an expert today!

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