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The road from a startup company into a business titan can be rough. Yet, while many enterprises across the globe face challenges and hurdles to grow this year, we are still witnessing successful tech companies and start-ups turning innovation and creativity into a thriving business. 

But in order to scale at a proper pace, your growth goals need to be aligned with your recruitment strategy.

Codility conducted  research on the 15 Fastest-Scaling Tech Companies which, according to Linkedin, not only grew massively but also shaped the trends for working and hiring the best talent. All of these companies are 7 or less years old, have at least 50 employees, and are privately held and headquartered in the U.S.

Let’s take a look at how they’re attracting new employees, screening developers, and retaining the top tech talent on the market.

How do they Build Consistent Brand Identity?

Tech brands have always been pioneers in social media marketing – HP was the first to hit one million followers on LinkedIn. Today, from Snowflake and Ripple, to Doordash and Zume, all  the startups we researched continue to invest in a consistent brand image on social media. They present themselves as innovative and creative, leaving space for disruptive ideas and team collaboration. And what can be more attractive for your future employees than a consistent vision and a transparent company culture?

In order to ground their position in the industry, Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook remain the most effective channels for these brands to build their unique brand image but also source potential candidates. Some of them publish employee testimonials, customer references, present company values, or even publish their year-to-year growth metrics. According to AgencyCentral, creating interesting content is the best social recruiting tactic used by 71% of recruiters. All of that helps them build massive audiences on social media–not only fans and followers, but potential future hires.

What are they Looking for in Ideal Candidates?

Having an active social media presence is going to net a lot of interested candidates. The fastest-scaling companies we researched have a very specific skill set they’re looking for in their ideal employees. Python and SQL are the most popular programming languages sought by companies such as TripActions or Bird. Knowledge of cloud technologies and experience with scaling cloud applications are on the rise among start-ups like Coda or Databricks. We also see that many of the fast growing tech brands truly believe that “data is the new oil” as they’re looking to hire experts in analytics and data.

But hard skills are just a part of finding the right candidate, employers are also looking for a set of values. These companies are setting the new standards in making sure they find the culture fit: they encourage graduates to have lunch with the CEO and CTO or encourage new employees to attend board meetings to enhance transparency and feedback. These tactics help not only identify the right candidates but also increase employee retention, ensuring that new employees feel included from the beginning.

What Technology they use for Better Hiring Decisions?

Screening a large number of candidates who are willing to join a hyper growth company usually boils down to an assessment. We found out that 9 of 15 companies we researched use a technical assessment platform to make evidence-based hiring decisions. The rest of them use testing solutions built in-house. Many of them also use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to easily track incoming applicants.

Based on Glassdoor reviews, we observed that using similar technologies improves the candidates’ experience and results in more positive reviews. Companies that follow the standard hiring manual tend to have fewer positive reviews and a longer hiring process. Positive candidate experience and a shorter recruitment process almost certainly improves not only Glassdoor ratings but also employee retention over the long run.

Set the Trends for Tech Industry

Using this information, your company may be able to replicate the success from these fastest-scaling tech companies – creating even more robust and competitive recruitment tactics. If you’d like to learn more about how they approach sourcing, screening, and hiring tech candidates, read our full report and start attracting the best talent today.

Natalia Dwórznik, Enterprise Marketing Lead at Codility.

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