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G2 Crowd, a peer-to-peer review platform, released the 2019 Spring Awards based on real user reviews. Codility was named the Leader in the technical skills screening software category and scored the best in all performance rankings.

Codility Named Leader in G2 Crowd Grid For Technical Skills Screening Software

Every quarter G2 Crowd publishes a report that ranks software companies in multiple categories based solely on customer reviews. Notable brands like SalesforceGoogle, and Microsoft have been mentioned in their respective categories.

In 2018 we had over 270,000 authentic customers review our product on G2 Crowd. These reviews spanned across nearly 60,000 software products—and every single one was vetted by an individual person to ensure legitimacy.

Codility was named the #1 technical screening software in every category. We led as the easiest to do business with, easiest to setup and implement, and fastest to provide ROI to customers.

Why partner with Codility?

Category #1: Easiest to do business with

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Our main focus as a company is being a good partner and trusted advisor to our customers. We value long-lasting relationships over immediate sales results.

This approach has proven to work—about 94% of our customers are likely to recommend our product to their family, friends, or colleagues. When your company is successful in optimizing technical hiring, we’re successful.

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*A real customer’s review on G2 Crowd.

Category #2: Easiest to setup and implement

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It’s interesting how developing a more streamlined product actually takes more work and time investment. Our developers have spent countless hours refining the platform so we’re really excited to see the dedication pay off. Our implementation process is concise and to the point, regardless of company size. We’ve had over 10 years of working with customers of various capacities and we know what questions to ask to ensure an effective integration.

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*A real customer’s review on G2 Crowd.

Our customer success managers are dedicated to helping customers reach favorable outcomes. Without proper onboarding, it’s difficult to get the full benefit of the platform. That’s why user adoption is one of our key metrics of success.

Category #3: Fastest to provide ROI

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Our product sits at the core of our company. We’re constantly looking for ways to not only improve what we’re currently doing, but to prepare our customers for tomorrow. Codility’s customer base rating results are 9.03—almost a whole percentage higher than the industry standard of 8.20.

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We define ROI as how fast a company reports that the money they invested is coming back to them in saved time. Our platform reduces engineering hours spent on recruiting, accelerates time-to-hire, and produces better employee retention.

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*A real customer’s review on G2 Crowd.

Data suggest that our clients see ROI after just four months, which is twice as fast as the industry standard of nine months.

What does collaborating with Codility look like?

Our developers, relationship managers, and customer success managers work together to optimize code testing for each individual partner. In fact, many existing features and tasks started out as ideas from our clients. We value a true partnership so that we can create the best skills testing experience for each use case.

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To reap the real benefits of the platform, recruiters and hiring teams need to understand how it works and how to use it to power their campaigns. Not only are we committed to growing with our customers by expanding our task library, but we strive to keep up with the rapidly evolving tech industry and are always looking to introduce new features to the platform.


Our customer success goals come first. We promise to grow our efforts in adding value to your company. To sum it up:

  • Communication with our support team should be effortless—we scored 91% in quality of support;
  • Learning how to run the platform should be easy and straightforward—we scored 98% in ease of use;
  • Creating a lasting partnership is a win-win situation so we don’t use aggressive sales tactics—we scored 98% in ease of doing business with.

Our team is currently polishing autocomplete and multi-file features that will make the integrated development environment (IDE) even more candidate-friendly. We’re also working on developing new CodeLive features like reporting. Stay tuned for product updates!

Interested in our latest research on gender bias? Download the free report to find out what Codility learned from one million candidate coding sessions:

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John is a world-class customer success leader who has worked with both startup and mature companies. He is passionate about integrating technical, communication, creative, and people skills to achieve successful results.

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