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Hiring managers: what if you could have a 360-degree view of your engineer candidate that aggregates their proficiency in relevant technical skills, interview results, and a timeline of their experience into one space? Well, wonder no more! 

With Candidate Profiles, your hiring team now has a unified place to view each candidate’s journey through the qualification process, from initial screening through all rounds of tech interviews so that your hiring decisions can be made faster, taking into account feedback from your hiring team.

What’s in a Candidate Profile? 

Simply put, a Candidate Profile in Codility aggregates all of the CodeCheck and CodeLive activities of each candidate into one unique profile. It’s a place for action where the hiring manager can quickly review the candidate’s results through the hiring process, invite them to interviews, and see the hiring team’s technical review feedback.

On a Candidate Profile you’ll find: 

  • Record of their CodeCheck screening results including task by task breakdown, plagiarism flags, and overall scores. 
  • See notes from collaborators who reviewed the candidate’s CodeCheck solutions
  • Record of each CodeLive technical interview results including notes from the interviewer about the candidate’s performance
  • Highlighted next steps and any actions required
  • Short cuts to share the candidate’s skills overview with the hiring team, book them for a CodeLive interview or invite them to a different CodeCheck for another role. 

This information provides hiring teams with a seamless illustration of each candidate’s journey through their hiring processes, allowing for faster, easier, and more equitable decision-making. 

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Improve Candidate Experience With Data-Driven Insights

Each unique Candidate Profile gives hiring teams visibility across all hiring activities – completed or planned – with the candidate at the heart of the hiring process

Recruiters and hiring managers can easily stitch together where candidates are in their tech hiring process, whether there are actions pending, and take data-driven actions to move the best candidates forward. 

With all this relevant qualification info in one space, you can now see whether the candidate is qualified for the next stage and quickly assign a CodeCheck candidate screening evaluation or set up a CodeLive interview for the candidate on the spot. 

Streamline your tech hiring with driven candidate experience insights.
Improve candidate experience in remote recruiting with candidate profiles.

Faster Tech Hiring Decisions For Hiring Managers

You already know that transparency is key to candidate experience in remote recruiting. Without it, valuable candidates may drop out or be lost in your hiring processes. 

Previously, when considering a candidate, hiring teams would need to go through several different tabs to check the candidate’s scores in different tests and interviews. Now, this whole review process takes seconds. 

Candidate Profiles are now accessible in any tab featuring Codility Sessions, such as Test Mission Control, CodeLive tab, or in the Results tab. In each case, clicking on the candidate’s name will take you to the corresponding Candidate Profile.

By seeing all scores, reviews, and reports in one space, hiring managers and engineering teams can collaborate quickly and efficiently to get a sense of the candidate’s skills, spot gaps, or take action to move the best candidates forward. 

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Nick Marchenko is a Product Marketing Specialist at Codility.

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