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Codility takes the top spot as overall #1 leader for technical skills screening.  

Codility, the number one SaaS platform to assess programming skills and make evidence-based hiring decisions, is proud to announce that it has once again been named #1 in the G2 Technical Skills Screening Software Grid®, outperforming competitors such as CodeSignal, HackerRank, and HackerEarth.

Codility takes the top spot as G2's overall #1 leader for technical skills screening software.  
G2’s Technical Skills Screening Software Grid® ranks Codility as the overall industry leader in five categories.


Each season, G2 evaluates organic and unbiased reviews left by users who rate software based on their actual experiences. The Technical Skills Screening Software Grid® (or TSS Grid) evaluates screening software solutions and identifies industry leaders and innovators whose products help users:

G2 provides powerful insights from the voice of the customer.

“Codility saves my company massive amounts of time talking to the wrong people. There are many articulate people with poor technical skills. Codility allows us to focus our interviewing effort on the people that can produce quality code, rather than just talk about coding.”
Chip K., Chief Data Scientist
Working for a large company like AWS, we receive thousands of applicants who are keen to apply for our Software Engineering teams. Having a tool like Codility gives us an excellent and efficient way to fairly assess the coding skills of a candidate before committing interview time from our engineer’s diaries.
– Ben C., Senior Technical Recruiter
“Codility has given our hiring managers effective, off-the-shelf technical exercises, along with automated grading features, giving them and their leads more time back in their day. With new languages and tasks being added all the time, the platform supports organizations like ours with ever-evolving tech stacks. Lastly, Codility is a tech recruiter’s dream. Anti-bias and anti-plagiarism features, along with intuitive workflow enable informed decision making and speed up communication feedback loops.
Brad M., Technical Recruiter
Codility ranked as best enterprise and mid-market technical skills screening software solution by customers.
Customers have rated Codilty as the best technical skills screening software solution for enterprise and mid-market businesses.

Other Notable Wins

Codility’s software was also highlighted in these categories:

  • #1 in Best Relationship
  • #1 Enterprise and#1 Mid-Market Leader
    • Easiest Admin
    • Best Usability
    • Best Support
    • Easiest to do Business With
  • Momentum Leader
A very special thank you to our customers for putting their trust in our product and to the Codility team for working hard to enable engineering teams to make accurate and fair hiring decisions efficiently.
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Vienna Urias, Content Marketing Manager at Codility

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