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As VP of Customer Success, I’m in the lucky position of working side by side with hiring leaders from some of the best engineering teams in the world. From this unique viewpoint, I’ve noticed some surprising trends. 

We all know it’s a tough time for everyone right now. As quarantine restrictions continue and anxiety about healthcare systems increases worldwide it’s easy to be swept up in it all. While many companies have had to lay-off or furlough part of their workforce, there are others that are in a position to take advantage of the global hiring slowdown to ramp up hiring more aggressively with access to the technical talent they never had before.

Here at Codility, we have the privilege of helping many of those companies assess and hire great engineers remotely which puts us on the front lines of discovery to unravel the hiring trends that are taking shape in this ever-changing environment. There were four themes that really stood out to me.

These themes are not only shaping the landscape of recruiting today but also defining the future of work as we know it.

Winner Takes All

Despite the pandemic, some companies are aggressively leveraging this paused market to secure previously unreachable talent in their efforts to stay ahead of the curve and beat their competition.

We are seeing certain businesses break records in adopting Codility’s technical assessment and remote interviewing capabilities, and are therefore able to accelerate their hiring. These businesses know that the time is now to dip into a wider pool of candidates geographically, particularly when they are receiving more CVs now than ever before, and candidates are less selective and demanding in the current environment.

Because of this, companies are adjusting their hiring strategy and process adopting a remote-first approach in response.

Taking the Onsite Online

As companies adjust to taking hiring remote, they are quick to realize that this transition requires agile processes, great communication, and stable platforms that are particularly tailored for technical hiring needs. Remote-first hiring requires a different approach to sourcing, hiring, and managing engineers.

At Codility, within the last month, we have seen a 300% increase in CodeLive interviews among our customers which tells us that the market is aggressively mastering the technology they need to compete starting with owning the interview process and utilizing the platforms that will allow them to conduct great remote interviews.

Reprioritization of Key Roles

We are also seeing companies adjust their product offering and recalibrating their go-to-market to embrace the transition to digital technology. Companies with physical locations have shifted to online platforms and specific roles have been prioritized for a push to more relevant products. This sudden shift puts companies in an overly aggressive hiring timeline which is almost impossible to meet without leveraging a remote interview platform.

Adoption of Remote Interview Platforms

Many companies have relied on Zoom to conduct virtual interviews but due to their security flaws and lack of code interview friendly capabilities for technical roles, they have been replaced with platforms that are built specifically for the needs of conducting technical interviews remotely such as CodeLive with features like Canvas, a virtual whiteboard for both interviewer and candidate to draw diagrams and shapes to translate technical questions on a high level.

The capabilities of a remote interview platform like CodeLive allows for real-life tasks to be shared in a live development environment delivering high-quality technical interviews that platforms such as Zoom, or Google Hangouts cannot deliver.

The current job market is flooded with more candidates than there are positions to fill making the selection process much more laborious and cumbersome. Companies need to leverage smart technology platforms that can help deal with the increased number of candidates and move them through the hiring funnel seamlessly.

Arkady Zapesotsky is VP Customer Success at Codility, and an expert in delivering SaaS solutions at scale, Cyber Security and Digital Transformation. Arkady leads Codility’s global Customer Success and Services teams and helps our clients to transform their technical hiring and retention plans.

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