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How has your candidate to hire ratio changed this year? Hiring Managers and Recruiters are experiencing a massive increase in applications per role, which is straining old recruitment processes and demanding the evolution of the hiring team.

While working with our customers to bring more efficient hiring, we’ve noticed that the companies where hiring teams have clearly defined roles, and collaboration is project managed, are more successful. They make better hires, faster, and with a higher candidate satisfaction score. 

A few weeks ago we wrote about Candidate Review; a new way to embed fast and unbiased peer reviews into your recruitment process. Today, we’re extending Candidate Review to allow Hiring Managers to select a pool of Reviewers to distribute the load on a role, and shorten response times. 

Shortened Response Times at Scale 

Reviewers are tasked with looking at the candidate’s Codility report; their score, how they developed and tested their solution, and their code clarity and style, and giving feedback about whether the candidate should proceed to the next stage. 

Now, the Hiring Manager can select a pool of Reviewers to join their hiring process, making it easier to share the workload to gain speed through collaboration. Reviewers will be assigned candidates to review round-robin style, or you can customize assignment as desired. 

  • If your priority is speed; assign reviewers to candidates round-robin style to get all candidates reviewed in the shortest period of time
  • If your priority is peer input;  include a two-step scenario where reviewed candidate reports are then pushed to a second reviewer who may override – if needed – previous evaluations.

Candidate Review is a power-up that can be combined with Weighted Scoring and the Anti-Bias Workflow to provide insightful feedback about a candidate’s potential for the role without having access to any of the candidate’s personal identifiable information. 

Faster Feedback Loops for You and Your Candidates

Developers are feedback machines, so being able to provide unbiased feedback fast, improves candidate experience whether the candidate is hired or not. Building a more transparent candidate experience is good in both the short and long term. 

Each interaction your company has with a potential candidate should become a multiplier of your employer brand, and providing timely feedback about a candidate’s application to your open roles can shift the way hiring teams think about the power of the recruitment process to drive the engineering community forward. 

Candidate Review is ready to be integrated into your hiring stack via our API, and is already natively available in the Greenhouse + Codility integration. Book a demo with us to see Candidate Review in real time and take a tour of our tech hiring platform. 

Jan Ambroziewicz is Senior Product Manager at Codility, leading the development of the core task platform, a fan of filter coffee, and an after-hours electronic music producer.

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