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Getting a fair and accurate understanding of each candidate’s technical skills is the backbone of a strong recruitment process. Thousands of Hiring Managers use Codility to get this information, and work with their hiring team to select the right candidates for interview.

The right candidates have the combination of skill and technique needed for the role. Sometimes that requires a lot of proven industry experience, other times it means proving their capacity to learn something new. Either way, the Hiring Manager relies on the hiring team to review each candidate’s technical skills report to decide who will proceed to the next stage of the hiring process. 

High-volume recruitment, especially in a completely remote setting, requires hiring teams to reduce the number of manual steps needed to bring new talent on board. Simple, fast and bias-free workflows are less about convenience, and much more about saving precious time for both your candidates, and your colleagues. At Codility we understand that first-hand. 

Introducing Candidate Review

Our latest workflow feature lets the Hiring Manager nominate a reviewer for each role-based hiring campaign. The reviewer is able to streamline the screening process by providing a quick reaction to a candidate’s report based on their overall Codility score, how they built their solution, how they tested it, and overall stylistic approach. 

Candidate Review is a power-up that can be combined with Weighted Scoring and the Anti-Bias Workflow to provide insightful feedback about a candidate’s potential for the role without having access to any of the candidate’s personal identifiable information. 

Embed Peer Review into Your Hiring Process

Designated reviewers will receive a daily email digest of candidate reports ready for them to assess. Once in Codility, the reviewer(s) will be asked to provide feedback to the Hiring Manager about whether the candidate should move forward to the interview stage. 

Once complete, the Hiring Manager, Recruiter and anyone else collaborating on the hiring campaign can view the reviewer feedback and take action on next steps. Candidate Review can be further integrated into your hiring stack via our API, and is already available in the Codility and Greenhouse integration. 

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Jan Ambroziewicz is a Senior Product Manager at Codility, leading the development of the core task platform, a fan of filter coffee, and an after-hours electronic music producer.

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