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Test Your Candidates' Coding Knowledge | Codility

Test Your Candidates' Coding Knowledge | Codility

Codility's Multiple Choice Questions, you can test your candidates' coding knowledge around Git, Java, Spring, Linux, and Data Science. Talk with us today!

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Before you bring a candidate onsite for an in-person interview, it’s important to know about their prior technical experience, core technical skills, and technical knowledge. Historically, our focus has been on technical skills. Now, we’ve just released a suite of 70 technical questions to gauge your candidates’ coding knowledge of specific domains.

In our latest release, Multiple Choice Questions are designed to give you deeper insights into your candidates’ understanding of technologies like Git, Java, Spring, and Linux as well as disciplines like Data Science. Combined with a real-life skills task, you can comprehensively differentiate which candidates could bring the most value to your engineering organization (and who you’ll want to bring to an onsite interview)!

Here are three ways in which Multiple Choice Questions can enhance your tech recruiting:

Getting the Full Picture

Multiple Choice Questions are useful for testing candidates’ technical knowledge, while many of our other library tasks test for skillsets. If you create coding tests that include both kinds of tasks, then you’re able to see what a candidate knows about technical concepts and languages and also how they use that knowledge to create a solution to a problem. When using Multiple Choice Questions, asking a single question doesn’t provide enough insight into the candidate’s coding knowledge. To tackle this problem, we designed questions to come in a bundle, providing hiring teams with a full picture. You can also create your own custom multiple choice or open-ended questions to get even more knowledge or subjective insights into your candidates.

Testing for Junior Developers

The difficulty level of Multiple Choice Questions ranges from easy to medium difficulty, so they’re perfect for assessing your junior candidates’ coding knowledge around Git, Java, Spring, Linux, and Data Science. Make sure you monitor the pass rates so you can implement more medium difficulty tests if too many candidates are advancing or use easier tests if too few are advancing.

Candidate Experience

Multiple Choice Questions are generally quick to complete; adding one to your test will only extend it by 10-20 minutes. We start you off with a twenty minute recommended time, but you can always adjust accordingly to fine-tune your process. Because Multiple Choice Questions are simple and quick, candidates will appreciate the opportunity to show off their technical knowledge without spending hours writing code. One of the most important things to get right in your tech hiring process is being able to get the insights you need to make the right hiring decision without intimidating your candidates with excessive assessments, and Multiple Choice Questions are great for that.

We’re constantly working to round out the Codility Task Library with insightful, comprehensive coding tasks. Stay tuned for even more programming Multiple Choice Questions as well as entirely new task types!

Want to hear more about how you can use coding tasks to gain developer insights into your technical candidates's coding knowledge?


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