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As we move toward a better world with equal opportunity, remote-first culture and powerful AI and ML-based technologies, companies are forced to innovate the way they build and retain their engineering teams. Needless to say, COVID-19 is mercilessly shaping reality and forcing companies to think about taking hiring fully remote.

And with it, a greater movement for equality? 

I’m pleased to be part of the solution at the ground level. As of March, I joined the Codility team with a mission to help companies transform the way they tackle the most critical challenges – attracting, interviewing, hiring and retaining great engineers – online. Engineering teams solve the world’s biggest problems and reside at the core of innovation. So hiring the right people is key to a company’s success, and their contribution to the world. Right now, companies don’t need to look too far to see the future of hiring. It’s run remotely, evidence-based, and centres around providing great candidate experiences

I believe this is the key for any organization looking for a competitive advantage

For me, what has set Codility apart from the others is how the team approaches this challenge and guides companies and candidates through a completely different remote hiring experience – an experience optimized for high-scale yet insightful interactions. Codility’s uniquely talented and forward-looking team has an outstanding culture that is naturally connected to its mission:  Create a truly unbiased remote hiring process where candidates can unleash their maximum potential and companies can benefit from a 100x more efficient and error-free decision-making recruitment process.

Seems a little too optimistic, right?  But that is the mission and I’m excited to make it a reality, not only for our organization but others dedicated to attracting and building the best engineering team, wherever they may be.

I’m thrilled to be a part of this, especially when we were just named G2 Spring category leader

When it comes to software reviews, G2 reviews are among the most trusted sources of accurate information. Their community’s insights are trusted by Ford, Adobe, Nike, eBay, and more – which is why we’re proud to have been highly ranked on several of their reports. We’re currently number one on the momentum grid for technical skills screening software. We’re also number one on the indexes for Relationships, Usability, and Implementation.

Since G2 results can be rather arcane at first glance, I thought it was worth explaining what these categories meant – and why customers favor our approach in these areas.

Relationships – Providing a Streamlined Purchase and Support Service

Essentially, G2 reviewers provide this score based on whether a company is easy to do business with. Broken down, this means that a high-scoring company provides detailed and responsive support, that their representatives are easy to get a hold of, and that issues such as payment and licensing are easily resolved.

G2 reviewers like the fact that Codility provides the responsive support that they need. Says one reviewer, “The team and I really like the user interface, ease of use and amount of options that Codility offers us. The support we have been getting from the Codility team is also great, fast and very responsive.” Another reviewer writes that, “I really liked the simplicity of user experience and interaction. The setting of the tests was easy, like the “Have test created” function, which helps to fasten the process, exporting the data and integrating with other recruitment tools/platforms. Of course, the account management and support from the staff is amazing, which helped a lot all the way through the difficult processes from our side.”

Here at Codility, we strive to ensure that all users – both on the applicant and remote hiring side – get a great user experience. Reviews from applicants tend to state that Codility is a great way to test themselves, improve their skills, and remember the fundamentals. In other words, Codility doesn’t just send you great candidates – it helps make great candidates better.

Person at a desk in front of a laptop
The future of hiring is centered around providing great candidate experiences.

Usability – Letting Admins Screen Applicants with Ease

Like the relationships score, the reviews for Usability are broken down into three major components – ease of admin, ease of use, and meets requirements. In other words, can administrators control this product in a secure and compliant manner without getting caught in a time sink? Can frontline users use this product without extensive training or difficulties? Does it do what it says on the label?

Reviewers at G2 have been effusive about how easy it is to use Codility. One of my favorite reviews says, “It’s really easy for users and team members to get adapted with Codility as the user interface is quite clean and properly designed. The fact that Codility can be integrated with Applicant Tracking Software is another huge plus as it’s really easy to manage tests and view each candidate’s results to track recruitment progress smoothly.”

Another user says that, “There is so much to like about Codility. First is the customization of the tasks. We can test for beginner, intermediate and advanced level functions as we need to. You are able to see the candidates work, live or as a part of the results. The plagiarisms feature was a big selling point for our Sr. Managers. We hire a lot of entry level, right out of code boot-camps and this product has given us the ability to weed through the candidates to find the best talent out there.”

Virtually every positive review of Codility (and nearly every review is positive) mentions our ease-of-use. This is by design. We know that Hiring Managers and Recruiters don’t specialize in creating online code tests for their applicants, so our main functionality is to make life easier by making online code tests for them. If we didn’t score high marks in usability, we wouldn’t be doing our job.

Implementation – Hit the Ground Running with Codility

Finally, G2 breaks down implementation into ease of setup, implementation time, and user adoption. Taking too long to implement an application means that it’s likely to go over budget, and if user adoption is low, that means that customers can’t figure out how to integrate an application into their ordinary workflow. Fortunately, the opposite is true for Codility – G2 reviewers gave us high marks across the board.

“Codility has become a key foundation in our technology recruitment process,” says one reviewer. “Being able to see candidates code makes the decision-making process much easier for us. The candidate interface is straightforward and easy to use and the employer portal enables us to see the process the candidate went through to create their solution easily.”

Another reviewer reports that, “We started using Codility as part of our candidate screening a couple of years ago. Since then, we’ve hired more than 20 developers. Codility helped us screen out hundreds of unqualified candidates and zero in on the strongest candidates, saving us hundreds of hours in recruiting time.”

What stands out for me about these reviews is how Codility has made top-tier talent accessible to everyone. Because our process is designed to weed subjectivity and bias out of the recruitment process, there’s less chance that talented developers end up languishing in roles that don’t match their abilities – instead, by removing subconscious bias against them, we effectively increase the remote hiring pool. What’s more, we make it possible for even non-technical employees to understand when technical applicants are among the top tier of candidates.

Here at Codility, we’re proud of ourselves for scoring so well in usability, support, and implementation metrics – and I’m so excited to have so many happy customers. If you’re interested in Codility and want to learn what everyone is so excited about, feel free to request a demo today.

Arkady Zapesotsky is VP Customer Success at Codility, and an expert in delivering SaaS solutions at scale, Cyber Security and Digital Transformation. Arkady leads Codility’s global Customer Success and Services teams and helps our clients to transform their technical hiring and retention plans.

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