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The hiring process was designed to be an abstraction of what it’s like to have the job; answering hypothetical questions about behavior, process and problem-solving given the specific context of the role.

There’s no doubt that when candidates are given the chance to understand the business, team, and challenges of the role they’re applying for more deeply, they are able to give better insight, and enjoy the hiring process much more.

The context of the role helps the candidate better orientate themselves within the realities of your industry, providing more relevant solutions that show their awareness of the background of where your team is working. With context comes understanding, and with understanding, comes insight. And for Hiring Managers, the better insights their candidates are able to give, the better their hiring decisions can be.

Introducing Business Context Tasks

Business Context tasks are a new category of fundamental problems added to the Codility skills library. The problems are similar to fundamental problems, but the story of the problem description is themed so that it feels more relevant to the employer’s industry and main line of business. 

We’ve already released Business Context Tasks in the following business areas: 

  • Automotive
  • Banking and Personal Finance 
  • E-commerce
  • Environment

Since Business Context Tasks are less abstract, they’re often more fun, and can create a better brand experience for candidates with your company, since the hiring process is more deeply connected to the real context of your day to day. 

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Rachel Whitehead is VP Marketing at Codility.

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