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Tech hiring teams globally are gearing up for the fall university recruiting season. Soon, tons of new graduates and entry-level programmers will enter the job market, and you should be doing all you can to take advantage of this window of hiring opportunity.

Keep reading if you’re a hiring team member looking for tips and tricks to find and recruit some stellar green talent.

Tech Hiring Challenges

There are a ton of ways recruiting can go wrong, and it’s important to identify your particular hurdles so you can begin working through them. Do you experience any of the following:

1) Are you not getting enough quality applicants through the door?

2) If you do get high numbers of applicants, do you spend too much time sifting through them to identify the qualified ones?

3) Are you worried that your time-to-hire is too slow and you can’t act quickly on great candidates?

4) Do you wish your tech recruiting process was more objective to root out unconscious bias and discrimination?

You are not alone.

Solving These Challenges

Talent Attraction and Sourcing

The trick here is to diversify the channels you’re using to get quality talent to apply to your jobs and to focus on ones that are tuned to your open roles and company demographic.

Try the following:

Optimizing the Interview Process

Many companies turn to the Codility coding test platform to accelerate time-to-hire, preserve engineering resources, and increase conversion rates throughout the recruiting process.

Check Out The Webinar

Want to learn how to make these changes to your process? Check out the recording of our webinar Ramping Up Tech Hiring: University Recruiting and Beyond, featuring Course Hero!


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