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Engineers and Recruiters use Codility to collaborate on active hiring campaigns to hire the right talent, faster. The integrations between the tools and platforms that make up your HR tech stack are vital to making these hiring campaigns a success.

Today, we’re excited to introduce our latest hiring partner, Teamtailor. With 2,500 customers globally, Teamtailor is an all-in-one recruitment and marketing platform that helps companies streamline their recruitment process by attracting the best talent and managing candidates, all in one place.

Supercharge your hiring funnel

Using our integration, Recruiters are able to quickly connect the technical qualifications designed by the Hiring Manager in the Codility platform, into the campaign workflow of Teamtailor. With customizable score-based triggers, Recruiters in Teamtailor can design and define the candidate hiring experience, building in automation from the beginning. 

Both platforms seamlessly communicate so that once the candidate’s technical qualifications are complete, both the Hiring Manager and Recruiter are notified. The Hiring Manager can dig deeper into the candidate’s automatically scored Codility profile, and the Recruiter can see whether the candidate qualified for the next stage.  

Make booking interviews easy

Recruiters can also schedule and set up CodeLive technical interviews via Teamtailor, making candidate communication seamless, and keeping the Hiring Manager up-to-date with their actions in the hiring process. 

We’re delighted to be working with Teamtailor and are here to get you set up with our integration today. Contact us at [email protected] or contact your representative at Teamtailor to get started!

Gunther Nonneman is a Product Manager at Codility.

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