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This year, hiring teams discovered first-hand the benefits of remote first-hiring; the ability to source a more diverse cohort of candidates, time savings and overall, a more streamlined process. But in high-compliance industries, going remote has also meant needing to handle new challenges to mitigate fraudulent behavior.

Codility has built a powerful approach to preventing and detecting suspicious activity including Similarity Check, IP-trackers, task randomizers and good library security to name a few. Our approach is to offer a quick and easy process for the overwhelming majority of legitimate candidates, while having zero tolerance for fraudulent behavior. 

Next to detecting plagiarism and leaked content, Codility is now equipped to catch identity fraud reliably, without negatively impacting the candidate experience or privacy. 

Introducing Identity Verification

Proving a person’s identity online has always been a challenge. With the interaction moderated by cameras, microphones, and other digital media, decreasing the risk of identity fraud requires cutting-edge technology. At the same time, protecting the relationship between candidate and employer is paramount because a fair hiring process is built on trust. 

At Codility we stand firmly for assessments that are free from invasive proctoring techniques, that erode the privacy of candidates and alter the candidate experience.

Using Codility’s Identity Verification extension on your CodeCheck screening tests gives the Recruiter an added check to ensure that the person writing the solution to the technical assessment is who they say they are. 

Before the candidate begins coding, they will be guided through a short process to verify their identity via a secure and isolated module. Codility’s Identity Verification combines facial recognition and advanced image processing to match the real-time image of the candidate with their government-issued document, working effectively for documents from over 190 countries including passports, ID cards, driver’s licenses, and residence permits. Completing the identity verification process takes a couple of minutes and can be done using a webcam, or via a smartphone. 

Once the candidate has submitted their CodeCheck solutions, the Recruiter will be able to see (on the candidate’s report in Codility) whether the candidate’s identity was verified, rejected or a resubmission is recommended, which can be triggered again.

Secure Data Privacy and Protection

Identity Verification does not store or pass any sensitive information through to the Codility platform or the employer – instead, the isolated identity verification module only passes through the verification result.

Our process is compliant with GDPR and CCPA regulations, as well as AA level compliance with modern web accessibility standards WCAG 2.1.

Book a demo with us to see our new Identity Verification extension in real time and take a tour of our tech hiring platform.

Jan Ambroziewicz is Senior Product Manager at Codility, leading the development of the core task platform, a fan of filter coffee, and an after-hours electronic music producer.

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