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We’re excited to announce a new addition to Analytics we’ve aptly dubbed Premium Analytics. The goal was simple – we wanted to continuously give our customers access to better and reportable insights to improve their processes and tech hiring outcomes.

When we introduced Analytics last year, we wanted to give customers an overview of their hiring operations, help them optimize processes, and access a wide range of data on their recruitment funnel. 

But with Premium, you’ll have access to even more powerful insights that will make it easier to communicate across engineering and talent acquisition teams. Plus, you’ll be able to set performance goals across tech hiring teams around improving time-to-hire, bring transparency to diversity metrics, and track candidate experience (CX). 

Here’s the low-down on what’s new. 

How to Improve Candidate Experience Metrics With Insights 

With Premium Analytics, you can now access both CodeCheck and CodeLive dashboards to see feedback about your CX as your tech hires move down the recruitment funnel. 

Optimize candidate experience in your remote hiring
How to improve candidate experience with live feedback.

Optimize Candidate Experience in Remote Hiring With New Fairness Ratings

In CodeCheck, you’ll see detailed CX feedback along with a fairness rating (as rated by candidates) that is included with each test. 

The fairness rating shows how fair and relevant candidates think your tests are to the roles they’re applying for, benchmarked to the global fairness rating – meaning it’s compared to all other candidate feedback and CodeCheck assessments across our entire customer base.  

You can now benchmark your candidates to the wider market via new score distribution charts comparing your candidate feedback to the industry benchmark. This added layer of insight allows you to compare your candidates to the market standard, benchmark your sourcing, and set more robust hiring goals. 

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By understanding the quality of talent your brand is bringing in, this feature has been designed to provide insights into improving candidate experience in your hiring funnels and giving your company a competitive edge.

In CodeLive, there’s now an option for feedback from candidates on the interview experience – allowing hiring teams to continually educate and coach interviewees and optimize remote hiring processes every step of the way. 

After finishing a test, we ask your candidates if they feel that the test accurately evaluates their technical skills. Their responses become the basis for the Fairness Rating.

You can increase your rating by making your test hyper-relevant to the role you’re hiring for and following all of our good candidate experience principles (reasonable time limit, tasks relevant to the required skills, etc.). 

Remember, the better your Fairness Rating, the better CX and employer branding. 

Analytics Added On Test Mission Control Level 

With the new Analytics added on Test Mission Control, users can now test-level performance, which benchmarks your candidates’ performance on each task compared to the market, test fairness rating, and overall performance.

 Benchmark your tech hiring performance with market data.
Improve your remote hiring process with candidate experience feedback.

Share Tech Hiring Dashboard Reports With Your Team

Designed for reporting, Premium Analytics also allows you to export the dashboard and compare results between teams. 

The update also comes with monthly report summaries emailed directly to the inboxes of your Platform Users to ensure your hiring teams are always aligned across your remote recruitment strategies. 

To learn more about improving your candidate experience with more transparent and measurable data, book a demo with us and take a tour of our platform for hiring software engineers.

Gunther Nonneman is the Product Manager of Funnel Management at Codility.

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