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At Codility, our company values have always focused around employee wellbeing and employee welfare.

Since Codility was founded, our leadership team has always put an emphasis on ensuring employees’ wellbeing and opportunities to continue learning. We build products that help companies hire great talent, but in order to do this we had to first make sure that we were hiring the best people for our own teams and then helping them be successful in their roles.

To showcase our culture, we’ve asked 10 members of the team about their favorite parts of working at Codility. Take a look at what they’re saying below, and check out our current openings to see if there are any open roles that may interest you.

“Being able to make a visible impact on the organization. Whether it is a product suggestion or process improvement, I love working for a company where my feedback is actually taken into consideration.”

-Katherine Linchey, Senior Relationship Manager (San Francisco)

“The trust that the company has in its employees. Friendly atmosphere which results from very responsible hiring—there are no toxic people and everyone feels at home here. Having a nice office is a bonus, and a great product makes me really care about what I am doing.”

-Michał Lipiński, Senior QA Engineer (Warsaw)

“I love the people. I actively like every person with whom I work. If I had met any single one of them in another circumstance, I’d absolutely be friends with them.”

-Vivian Rackover, Senior Account Executive (San Francisco)

“People really care a lot about each other here. There is also a recognition of the brand that we’ve created among the developer community that makes people excited to create a product like ours.”

-Wojtek Erbetowski, Chief Technology Officer (Warsaw)

“Positive vibes around—I feel really good with everyone I work with and I can ask for help or feedback. I believe that’s because of the Codility DNA that’s embedded in our culture here.”

-Cezary Piwowarczyk, Executive Assistant (Warsaw)

“Our highest leaders are smart, communicative, and skilled, but more importantly they are empathetic and humble. They know what they do well and they know where they have gaps. This translates to them being open to feedback and proactively seeking guidance at crucial moments on the company’s path.”

-Jeff Swartwout, Marketing Manager (San Francisco)

“The camaraderie and the pure laughter of all the great people working together. We are a fun-loving team that truly is inspired by helping companies hire engineers better and faster. You can see it in every level of service we provide.”

-Dano Rogers, Enterprise Account Executive (San Francisco)

“Everybody trusts you. It’s so awesome that there is no ‘big brother’ watching you. You don’t need to stay in the office 9-5. If you need to come in late, leave early, or leave for personal stuff during the day, it’s not a problem. The management trusts that you will do your job, and I think it creates a better team spirit.”

-Ginny Pavlovskaya, Senior Technical Support Specialist (Warsaw)

“Professional and personal growth—it’s been such a fun journey growing from the SDR team to Relationship Management and now to Customer Success here at Codility. Even though I started in new business sales, the team here helped me grow into roles and teams within the organization that best match my skills!”

-Sinead Starnes, Customer Success Manager (San Francisco)

“I love our customers. Being a Relationship Manager in EMEA means having the chance to speak with people from different European and Asian countries every day. Not all of the conversations are easy, but all of them are interesting and let me learn about different cultures and personalities.”

-Gosia Migdal, Senior Enterprise Relationship Manager (Warsaw)

We currently have the most open roles we’ve ever had and the hiring will only continue to accelerate throughout next year. And we’ve set a main focus into strategically growing our team and continuing our philosophy of hiring humble and hardworking people.

We hope these 10 reasons have convinced you to give Codility a try. We encourage you to reach out to any of the members of our team or contact [email protected]. Look forward to hearing from you!

Andrew is the People Operations Manager at Codility. His passions have always been very people-oriented, and at work his focus is on building great teams and creating a collaborative, cohesive workspace. Over the weekends he likes to explore Bay Area hiking, camping spots, and other cultures.

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