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Train and Assess Your Team

Use CodeTrain to align your L&D programs with the key skills you want to uplevel in your team. 

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Train and assess your team with Codility's CodeTrain CodeTrain interface

Why use CodeTrain?

CodeTrain is adaptable based on your team structure and goals.

Audit and Improve Skills

Audit and Improve Skills

Use CodeTrain to audit the capabilities and assess skills gaps of your development team or outsourced talent. Leverage this information to make promotion decisions, inform hiring and onboarding strategies, and ultimately, enhance your engineering workforce. 

Run Bootcamps and Workshops

Run Bootcamps and Workshops

It's never been easier to execute demonstration-driven workshops and technical education across offices. Using CodeTrain, you can jumpstart the learning of new coding languages and technologies, deepen current knowledge and skills, and facilitate mentorship of junior hires.

72% of developers are interested in learning new programming languages. 

Host Onsite Challenges

Host Onsite Challenges

CodeTrain is also great for stirring recreational competitiveness amongst your developers and fostering collaboration within and between teams. Easily build hackathon coding challenges with a live leaderboard to increase camaraderie and highlight the learning needs of your people.

78% of developers say learning opportunities is a main driver for choosing a job. 

“We’re now able to empower managers to provide clear, standardized guidelines for how their team members can take their career to the next level.”

Maria Chenovarian | HR Manager
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What CodeTrain includes

Aside from the language, framework and domain-specific knowledge, CodeTrain assesses additional core skills within your team.

Bug Fixing

Code Style

Test Creation
Technical Debt Awareness
Performance Optimization
Systematic Approach

The underlying fundamentals of development

  • Your best developers are able to not only produce working code, but also problem-solve elegantly without creating a ton of technical debt. 
  • Real-life programming skills and knowledge are crucial, but often the real indicator of great development teams is systematic and effective communication. 
  • With a CodeTrain audit, you can uncover these strengths and highlight where to focus learning and development for your engineering organization.

Take the Next Step

Ready to see how CodeTrain can enhance your engineering team?

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