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Enterprise-Grade Tech Recruiting

We work with leading teams to digitize their tech recruiting processes, and improve the quality and size of their candidate pipeline.

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“With Codility, we’re now able to connect with a much wider range of candidates without draining interviewer time.”

– Josh Feintuch, Flatiron Health

It’s been a huge time saver and helps us identify the best candidates earlier so we can invest in them quickly.”

– Denise Dresler, Avature

"Codility helps us recognize great candidates we would've never found."

– Emily Meals, Grant Street Group

We Know How to Support a Modern Team

Codility is the most comprehensive tech recruiting platform for hiring at scale

Flexible Integrations and Maintenance
GDPR and US-EU Data Compliance
Enterprise-grade Platform Security
Partner to Build Your Business Case
Eliminate Bias and Promote Diversity

Award-Winning Global Support

Trusted by Global Teams

We specialize in software, financial, automotive and retail orgs

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Reports, Case Studies and Ebooks to get you started with Codility


2019 Developer Report

Insights from over two thousand developer survey responses to recruit, engage, and retain top engineers.

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Read how Avature boosted employer branding to connect with 696 developers across their offices. 

Case Study

2019 Gender Bias Report 

We analyzed over 1 million candidate sessions to gain insight into whether gender affects score in online coding tests.


Tackle Your Biggest Challenges

We make your tech recruiting funnel more efficient, providing the best quality signal into your candidates' skills on the market.

We Lead Our Category

With a 10-year track record of delivering clear results

Enterprise-level security

GDPR and Privacy Shield Compliant

Having respect for your data has always been one of our top priorities. Whether it's completing a security audit, providing results from recent penetration tests, completing infosec questionnaires or validation, we are ready to speak with your security team about our tech hiring processes.

  • GDPR Compliant
  • Single Sign-On via SAML
  • User Permission Management
  • Secured Data Centers
  • Hardened Infrastructure

Partner on Implementation

Change management can be complex, so our customer success team works with you to build your business case, and implementation timeline.

1. Setting Business Metrics.

2. Creation of Implementation Plan.

3. Technical Onsite Focus and Feedback Groups.

4. Task Creation.

5. Scaling From Pilot Project to Other Locations, Teams etc.

6. Training and Ongoing Support.

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