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About Samba TV

Samba TV was founded in 2008 with the vision of developing software for Smart TVs, which at the time were revolutionary hardware products. At CES in 2012, the company secured its first round of funding from Mark Cuban, August Capital, and Gary Lauder.

We’ve been impressed with all the different features that Codility delivers for us

The Challenges of Competing for Top Tech Talent

The primary recruiting challenge that Samba TV faces as it competes with massive tech companies and pushes toward more remote processes is limiting time to hire without sacrificing quality. When searching for solutions to minimize time to hire, but cutting out the manual aspects of its coding assessments, Samba TV found the Codility platform and quickly addressed its needs.

Lessons Learned from Adopting a New Platform

Having complete access to the platform before full implementation is critical for getting hiring managers used to new processes and driving adoption. Streamlining the processes for creating, running, and reviewing technical assessments can significantly improve time to hire. Transitioning to fully remote interview processes requires unique tech solutions to evaluate culture fit and problem solving skills that would otherwise be addressed in on-site visits. Relying on standalone integrated developer environment (IDE) solutions for code assessments leaves you without the comprehensive feedback features necessary for making the most informed hiring decisions.

What changed after implementing Codility?

The new Canvas feature included in Codility’s CodeLive remote interviewing product has been a highlight of Samba’s implementation. Before exploring the newest Codility feature, Samba TV hiring managers used Google Docs as a shared drawing space during the pandemic. The approach just didn’t provide the value that a true whiteboarding session would during onsite interviews.

With Canvas, our hiring managers can get that same level of insight while running things remotely

The Role of Codility in Samba TV’s Hiring Processes

The first step of the Samba TV hiring process is to have a general, high level phone screen with either Kristen or a hiring manager. The candidates that make it past that initial screening are always given a coding assessment. It’s the top-funnel filter that ensures hiring managers are focused on the most qualified candidates. With pre-built assessments, hiring managers get a wide range of tasks they can quickly send out with full confidence that the instructions will be clear and candidates won’t be able to find answers online.

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