How MSTS hires talent that matches their company values


“We continued to grow our engineering by double digits during the last 3 to 4 years. With that type of growth it only scales so far, you have to work on your processes, mature them. You need to work smarter, otherwise you are spending a lot of time on less valuable interviewing and recruiting, you make some bad hires. We want to reduce it as much as we can.”
– David Adiutori, Senior Director Software Engineering

MSTS wanted to become 100% confident in skills assessment when hiring for developers.

Having Codility on their side, MSTS was able to increase the candidate quality and make skill-based decisions.

‚ÄúCodility assessment makes it really easy to see how well candidates scored – how long did it take to finish it, how elegant their solution was, how did they develop it.”

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