How Guidewire Maximizes Candidate Quality and Reduces Time to Hire


“To make sure engineers could focus their time on product development, we had to improve the quality of our candidate pipeline and implement new solutions and processes to reduce time to hire. An engineering manager I once worked with recommended Codility and we decided to implement the platform.”
– Denise Airlie, Director, Talent Acquisition EMEA

Even though the internal engineering structure is built for efficiency, hiring processes weren’t set up for success as Guidewire adapted to digital demands. With so many new roles to hire for across Guidewire’s global offices, there was a need for more efficient and scalable candidate assessment solutions.

“Codility helps us scale candidate assessment at a level that wouldn’t be possible with manual review processes. We sent out nearly 800 tests automatically. And even though we did some manual review of the results, our teams are mostly able to focus their time on the next steps of hiring. The new processes have scaled so well that we’ve rolled out Codility in 5 offices around the world across both engineering and professional services”
– Ian Doyle, Consulting Manager

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