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In hiring, timing is everything. But Hiring Managers are often unaware of what bottlenecks are slowing things down. This lack of visibility causes frustration and makes deadlines unpredictable.

Today, we’re excited to release Analytics, our latest addition to the Codility Hiring Manager interface designed to give you a bird’s eye view of your hiring operations so you can spot problems, optimize processes and access a wide range of data at your fingertips. 

Go further with real-time insights

Visualizing your hiring funnel is not just for talent acquisition. Easy access to automatic and insightful dashboards is a game changer for the entire hiring team. With Analytics, Hiring Managers, Recruiters, and Leadership are able to: 

  • View a team’s candidate funnel and spot where conversions between stages needs optimization or where most candidates are dropping off
  • Compare performance along this funnel across different time periods to see how increased activity in sourcing or candidate applications is impacting your hiring
  • Contrast different hiring campaigns to see which processes have the highest fairness rating by candidates, highest completion rates, and highest scores
  • Spot problem areas like whether candidates think that their skills are being evaluated fairly (fairness rating) or whether the time limit needs to be reconfigured 
  • See which programming languages and tasks are most commonly used by candidates

Analytics unites your entire hiring team in one space so you can stop spending time on reporting, and more time on discussing how to improve performance, fairness ratings, and speed up hiring.

Three powerful dashboards, designed for decision making

Our first release of Analytics comes with three out of the box dashboards: 

  1. Overview – giving you the high-level of your end to end hiring processes
  2. CodeCheck – giving you a deeper dive into your technical screening operations
  3. CodeLive – giving you a deeper dive into your technical interview operations

Each dashboard in Analytics has been designed for decision-making; beautiful, presentation-ready visualizations of the key data you need for standard weekly and monthly reporting to higher ups.

Analytics has been available in beta over summer and is now ready for your entire team to access. Each team has a separate Analytics tab to ensure that reporting is kept local and Hiring Managers and Recruiters can dig into the most relevant Analytics for them.

Book a demo with us to see Analytics in real-time and take a tour of our software engineer hiring platform.

Rachel Whitehead is VP Marketing at Codility.

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