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Hiring the right people is crucial to any company’s success.

It’s no secret that it takes a long time to hire the right person and that great candidates find jobs fast. This is why when we find the right person, we try to move quickly. 

We’re looking for humble and hard-working people who will challenge us to raise the performance bar and at the same time, will share Codility’s values like honesty, openness, and leadership.

Our technical recruiting platform is as good as the engineers who build it, so we have a lot of pride in our engineering teams. From infrastructure to the front end, our engineering teams work across different levels of our stack to improve reliability, security, and function. Our engineering teams work closely with Product and Research teams to attack the key problems our users have and implement the best-suited solutions. Our engineering teams also pair program, carry out code reviews, and write thorough, automated tests to assure our solutions are reliable and trustworthy.

Everything we do is about providing more technical recruiting value to our customers and to the candidates who interact with our technical recruiting platform. If you like solving problems, working with different teams, and spicy burrito competitions, then this is the team for you.

How to prepare for an interview and what you can expect from us:

  • You will receive constructive feedback within two business days after each round of interviews
  • We care more about your programming and problem-solving skills, attitude about learning, and focus on users’ needs than whether you are an expert in the programming language and technologies we use
  • During technical interviews you will meet developers as well as people from other teams

What you can expect when working with us:

  • We have a strong impact on the pace and quality of technical recruiting for some of the biggest companies in the world
  • We value and encourage professional development opportunities
  • Our engineering teams are highly autonomous, self-organizing, cross-functional, and product-oriented
  • Our engineering teams own the parts of the system that they are responsible for — starting with collaborating with the product owners, contributing to the solution design, testing to bug-fixing, and future maintenance
  • We practice an Agile mindset to maximize collaboration and coordination
  • We deploy to production every day, so there’s continuous integration 
  • Be prepared for pair programming — it’s our main mode of learning the system you will work on, and for some teams, it’s simply their way to work
  • We observe how direct users interact with our product live so you will get the chance to run usability tests and shadow customer interviews
  • An international team environment as our team consists of 19 nationalities across Warsaw and San Francisco

Life at Codility

Spread across San Francisco, Warsaw and London, with many remote team members along the way. Learn more about our open roles.

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From screening to interviewing

Current job openings are published to our Careers page and job boards like StackOverflow. We also collect applications from LinkedIn. If the candidate passes screening, a member of the hiring team will invite them to take the Codility online coding test. Yes, we do use our own product, and you will have an opportunity to interact with it.

You will have the opportunity to demonstrate your skills by solving hands-on programming tasks in any programming language that you feel most comfortable with and in any environment that is most productive for you. Pro tip: take a look at the demo test before you start. If you need to practice, check out our Programmer’s Home with lessons and challenges.

The next step is two rounds of interviews, each comprising two interviews — one interview in each round will focus on one’s technical abilities, and the other interview looks at soft skills and if the candidate is a good team fit. You will have the opportunity to demonstrate your skills by answering problem-solving questions. Keep in mind that we want to see that you not only have a solid understanding of programming fundamentals, but also how you think, reason, and talk about code.

During the interviews, you will get a chance to meet with at least three of the people that you will potentially work with so we can evaluate team fit. It is also an opportunity for you to see if we are the right company for you. Be sure to inquire about team structure, work methodology, and what our engineering team is currently developing.

After the interviews, all interviewers independently score candidates in our ATS. After each round, people involved in the interviews gather and decide whether to proceed to the next stage. Our working culture is based on feedback, and we believe that the one who puts the most work into recruitment, which is the candidate, deserves honest and concrete feedback. You can count on getting it shortly after we come to a decision — regardless of whether you proceed to the next stage or not.

Prior to making the final decision, the hiring team will also work with Talent Acquisition on the offer. In addition to the offer, we often share additional feedback with candidates and our reflections on what may be challenging at the beginning if they decide to join the team. We believe that a safe environment plus feedback is the best combination to speed up onboarding.

Marcin Kubica Ph.D. is Head of Engineering at Codility – and has been part of the team from the very early days.

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