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Over the years, recruitment software has become a top priority for companies that want a seamless candidate experience. In fact, 78% of employers stated that utilizing recruitment technology helps them find top talent easier. 

When hiring top tech talent worldwide, one of the key metrics that talent acquisition teams look out for is “time to hire”. It’s an essential component that can “make or break” an entire recruitment campaign.

Global iGaming company PokerStars needed a solution that would reduce their time-to-hire and cost-per-hire metrics – fast. 

PokerStars approached Codility to help them scale worldwide recruitment operations to meet the demands of their expansion and candidate experience. Here’s what we did. 

Introducing an Online Recruitment Platform

For PokerStars to stay competitive when seeking out top-tier developers, they needed to adopt innovative recruitment tech. Talent Acquisition Manager Boryana Borisova says, “As a dynamically changing company in iGaming, we wanted to invest in future technology.”

Before Codility, PokerStars manually sent out technical tests as part of their online recruitment process – a time-consuming and costly procedure. By removing manual tests and implementing a standardized recruitment process, recruitment teams can now track, assess, and interview candidates with ease. 

Being data-driven is the key to reducing your time-to-hire and cost-to-hire metrics. Plus, it helps recruitment teams make an informed decision at a much faster rate. 

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Online Code Testing to Propel Scalability 

Initially, it took longer for the talent acquisition teams at PokerStars to process candidates with a manual process and there was a risk of losing top-tier talent plus spending more resources per candidate than needed. 

Structured hiring processes and online coding tests are a great way to measure a candidate’s strengths. Codility’s platform has reduced time-to-hire and allowed PokerStars to discard manual tests and build a standardized interview process. 

Now, the interview process is centered around a technical candidate interview based on data. Candidates now complete a phone screening with a talent acquisition specialist and then complete a code test assessment through Codility’s CodeCheck. Also, Pokerstars Hiring Managers ask specific candidates for a quick video interview where they can assess skills in real-time via CodeLive. 

The Results of Using Our Hiring Platform

In just ten months after introducing Codility’s platform, PokerStars has reduced their time-to-hire metrics by 30%. With our innovative interview structure now fused into their hiring processes, hiring times have dropped by approximately 30 days in Canada and Europe. 

The platform has helped create synergy across recruitment teams, with over 60 hiring managers utilizing the tech by assessing large numbers of engineers with CodeCheck. Furthermore, over 100 remote interviews have been conducted through CodeLive. 

By rethinking their hiring processes, PokerStars can focus on the important stuff – like building stronger, diverse, and skilled engineering teams around the world.

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Vienna Urias, Content Marketing Manager at Codility

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