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Big-O Notation Explained: The Curse of CC All (Part 3)

How much space do unnecessary citations and replies occupy in Gmail? Let’s analyze it, first using the Big-O notation, and then using concrete numbers. 

Big-O Notation Explained for Not-So-Technical People (Part 2)

Find the Big-O notation explained for not-so-technical people from Codility's very own Head of Engineering, Marcin Kubica, Ph.D.

Big-O Notation Explained: Definition & Examples (Part 1)

If you work in programming, understanding Big-O notation is crucial. Get a simplified explanation of Big-O, including a clear definition & examples on Codility!

Z-Index Explained: Styled Components & CSS Z-Indexing

Review an explanation from Codility's Front-End engineer, Rafał Ruciński, on how to solve CSS z-index with styled components, including stacking context & ideas.

Inside Codility: babel-plugin-jsx-svg-inject Plugin

Rafal, a Sr. Front-end Engineer at Codility, talks about his search for a tool that would enable him to use SVG icons as easily as font icons.

Code Highlighting and Script Bundle Optimizations | Codility

Gain insights on some of the tech industry's existing code highlighting tools and learn how removing libraries from script bundles help retain functionality.

Technical Interview Tips: How to Ace a Technical Interview

Online tech recruiting requires a great deal of preparation. Access Codility's cheat sheet of tips and skills to help you ace your next technical interview!

Why the Binary Search is an Algorithm in Everyday Life | Codility

Discover why the binary search is an algorithm that is useful in everyday life, not just in computer science. Find plenty of algorithm tasks on Codility!

Titanium is One of our Hardest Challenges in 2016

Titanium is so far our hardest challenge of 2016 with only 59 coders being able to solve the coding challenge! Try it for free now and see if you can beat it!

Game Development in Javascript: Writing Games in JS | Codility

Rafał Ruciński knows a bit about writing and building games in JavaScript. Learn more about game development coding in this detailed Q&A from Codility!

Scandium Has a Winner

Scandium 2016 is a coding challenge which puts top coders to the test against themselves and the clock. Free to participate and still open - check it out!

The Calcium Challenge & Race to Glory

The Calcium coding challenge saw over 7,000 coders attempt to provide a perfect solution for where the local Police Chief should place his speed cameras.

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