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Connect with candidates, build relationships,
and grow your talent pool through Codility Sourcing.

Increase brand visibility with Codility

Increase Brand Visibility

Position your company in a whole new light and reinforce your tech credibility.
Discover candidates with programming challenges

Discover Candidates

Connect with programmers and engage them with programming tasks.
Inspire developers with Codility

Inspire Developers

Encourage ongoing participation and inspire skills development.

We'll help you identify and engage the candidates you're looking for.


1. Target

Identify and target your most desirable candidates.

2. Inspire

Create cool challenges that inspire programmers.

3. Promote

Promote those challenges across all channels.

4. Engage

Engage and assess participants to evaluate skills.
Hire the best

5. Hire the best!

Move the best fits forward, interview and hire them!

Featured Challenges

Zero G Experience
3 tasks 2 days coders
Battle For Middle Earth
4 tasks 2 days coders
College Coders
4 tasks 2 days students

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