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About Dolby

Founded in 1965, Dolby was born out of its founder's passion for connecting science and art. The present-day company reflects the innovative and creative vision of its namesake. True to its origins, Dolby continues to produce cutting-edge audio and visual technologies that enhance and transform storytelling, entertainment and media.

Codility has created another lens for us to assess candidates and helps us to continue recruiting best-in-class talent

The Challenges of Scaling and Assessing Talent

Dolby is rigorous in how it evaluates candidates and live coding has traditionally been an integral piece of the initial screening. Figuring out the best way to engage engineers into the recruiting process while optimizing their time was critical. While looking for tools that could take its tech hiring to the next level, the engineers on the Dolby Australia team discovered Codility and decided to give it a test run. Codility appealed to the team as a tool that could save time and streamline the assessment process.

Rolling out a new platform: challenges and learnings

With a high volume of applicants, ensuring engineers are engaged in the process is keys – alignment at the start leads to saved time. Adapting a new tool to existing processes and establishing new workflows at the early stages of the recruitment funnel. Removing personal bias from the hiring process by making sure that screening is based on data-driven decisions.

What changed after implementing Codility?

Dolby initially planned to send everyone a Codility test, look at results, compare candidates and pick the most promising ones. They learned that there were better approaches.

Codility is an accurate representation of coding skills – it’s more accurate than whiteboard interviews

The Role of Codility in Dolby’s Hiring

University recruiting and entry level recruiting was positively impacted once  Codility  joined forces with Dolby’s internal hiring efforts  – “it’s amazing for high volume to filter out candidates, ultimately becomes a time vs numbers thing.” Another benefit is that you can uncover candidates without great resumes but who have the necessary skills – minimizing bias and being more fair in evaluation of candidates

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