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Manage Efficient Workflows

Hiring workflows depend on the roles you're recruiting, so utilize Codility's integration ecosystem to keep your processes running smoothly. 

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Manage efficient workflows with Codility's integration ecosystem

Customize your Recruitment Workflow

Different roles require unique recruitment workflows, depending on the scale of applicants, the type of role, and the source of candidates.

Codility Workflow for Intern and Grad Recruitment

Intern and Grad Recruitment Workflow

Intern and university recruitment is seasonal, so workflows need to be able to handle surges of candidates and then efficiently surface the best ones.

  • Use automation and benchmarking data upfront to screen for coding fundamentals, ensuring the right candidates advance to the next stage.
  • Follow up with qualified candidates via phone screening to check for communication skills and culture fit. 
  • Finish with onsite interviews, including a CodeLive interview with senior developers on your team.

Your high-scale recruitment workflow is optimized for efficiency while providing a great candidate experience.

Codility Workflow for Experienced Developer Hiring

Experienced Developer Hiring

For both mid-level engineers and referrals, it's important to adjust recruiting workflows to be relevant and flexible. 

  • CodeCheck screening highlights the candidate's ability to work within a specific framework and other real-life technical skills.
  • This allows candidates to show off their industry experience and reveals their skill with the technologies in your stack.
  • Follow up with a CodeLive session using the candidate's submitted CodeCheck report for deeper technical conversations in person. 

Roll out the red carpet for referrals by connecting them directly with your own developers and using relevant, real-life tech screening tasks. 

Codility Workflow for Senior Developer Positions

Senior Developer Positions

When hiring for critical senior roles, your recruitment workflow process should balance assessing technical skills and communication styles, but also provide candidates with the information needed to make a decision about joining your team.

  • Recruiting senior developers starts with high-touch treatment.
  • Use the phone screen to understand a candidate's background and then jump into a CodeLive interview session to collaborate on customized problems, allowing you to gauge their problem-solving and communication approach.

Effective recruitment workflows for high-value developer candidates focus on making them feel human and important.

Plug Codility into your recruitment workflow

Integrations to help you hire

Connecting Codility's tech recruiting platform with your team's applicant tracking system and productivity tools helps your whole team work smarter and recruit with velocity. 


  • Manage reports and scorecard-sharing between platforms.
  • Faster follow-up with instant notifications to Slack
  • Trigger CodeCheck invitations from your ATS. 
  • Automate stage updates based off candidate activity.


The Lever platform draws the entire team together to efficiently source, nurture, interview, and hire top talent through effortless collaboration.



Greenhouse helps companies make better hires, faster, and retain them longer,  making tools that allow your teams to work successfully together.



Jobvite empowers companies to source and hire top talent easily, efficiently, and effectively using their comprehensive, analytics-driven recruiting platform.



SmartRecruiters is a Talent Acquisition Suite for end-to-end recruitment marketing and hiring management. Fuel business success with great hiring.



Workable streamlines hiring from sourcing to evaluation and interview with organized candidate profiles, easy communication, and reporting.



iCIMS helps you recruit the best people. The platform offers scalable and easy-to-use solutions for every stage of your recruitment strategy.



Slack helps teams communicate better, no matter where they are. Integrate to get instant updates about candidates directly to your channels for real-time recruiting.



Using the Codility API, you can build out custom integrations catered for your teams. To learn more, read our API Documentation or contact us to discuss.

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