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What our clients say


Due to the volume of recruitment Gamesys were faced with, it became apparent that a significant amount of dev time was being wasted conducting telephone interviews with unsuitable candidates. By setting a pass mark we are now able to very quickly assess whether a candidate is worth engaging or not saving valuable time for both the dev teams and the recruitment team.
Alex Shepherd

Alex Shepherd Recruitment Manager, Gamesys

We have used Codility since rapidly expanding our tech team and have found Codility to save us not only money but a lot of time wasting caused by recruitment companies! The aesthetics and support are of an exceptionally high standard.
Nico Cary

Nico Cary Chief Architect, Sportlobster


We have been using Codility for over 3 years and find it excellent. It enables us to interview more, better-qualified individuals. I have been extolling the virtues of Codility to many colleagues in the software industry. A great tool and time saver!
Hugh Hyndman

Hugh Hyndman Managing Director, Affinity Systems

We love Codility and use it for all our engineering positions. It gives us the assurance to hire people who think tech rather than being able to code in one language. We would love to see Codility extend its reach to other areas and would use it immediately.
Hans-Christian Boos

Hans-Christian Boos Founder and CEO, Arago


Codility enables us to reach out to a much larger number of candidates, all the while requiring less of our recruiters’ time. 100% of the candidates who come for a final interview onsite are outstanding! We're thrilled and highly recommend Codility!
Mauricio Carneiro

Mauricio Carneiro Group Lead, Computational Technology Development, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

When I first looked at Codility I thought it was an interesting idea… now I wouldn’t consider employing without it.
James Stokes

James Stokes CEO, CoachingCloud


Survey Monkey
Codility has become core to our technical recruitment process over the last 3 years, providing insight into software engineering ability and ensuring that we spend face-to-face interview time with the strongest candidates.
Andy Wilde

Andy Wilde VP Product Development, SwiftKey

TrackAbout has used Codility for 1.5 years. They're passionate about what they do and it shows. We use the service as one component of a comprehensive coder hiring process.
Larry Silverman

Larry Silverman CTO, TrackAbout

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