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Avoiding Bad Hiring Decisions with Pre-Employment Assessments

Avoiding Bad Hiring Decisions with Pre-Employment Assessments

Learn how to avoid the costly impact of bad hiring decisions by using pre-employment assessments. Discover all technical recruiting insights on Codility!

Tech Recruiting

It doesn’t matter who you are. If you’ve seen firsthand the results of a poorly informed hiring decision, you know just how big the impact can be.

For one thing, it’s expensive. Did you know that the average cost for a bad hire is 30% of that individual’s annual earnings?

That’s not all a bad hiring decision can impact, though. Hiring the wrong candidate can also be detrimental to productivity, credibility, and morale.

As tech-specific hiring needs increase and the positions you’re looking to fill call for niche skills that are difficult to assess based solely on a resume, hiring the wrong candidate may be something you’re face to face with. Or worse, no hiring; at all when you’re losing strong tech talent because of the amount of time it takes to extend an offer.


So, how do you avoid putting the right position with the wrong person?


It’s simple, really: pre-employment assessments.


But what features should you be looking for? How do you get buy-in from the execs? There are a lot more questions where that came from when it comes to purchasing a pre-employment coding assessment tool.

So that’s why we’ve written the Buyer’s Guide to Assessments - a how-to guide to walk you through every step from understanding if you even need an assessment to closing the deal. Check it out below:

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