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Tech Recruiting

GDPR Readiness Checklist: Objective & Procedures from Codility

Review Codility's checklist and plans to undertake specific data challenges in preparing for the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

How to Prepare For GDPR: Data Storage Tips & Considerations

Find out how to prepare for the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), including tips & considerations from Codility CTO Paweł Marczewski!

Technical Recruiter Training Part II: Improve Candidate Experience

Understand the importance of improving candidates experience during the recruiting process and start revamping your tech hiring on Codility today!

Tech Recruiting 101 Part 1: The Anatomy of Great Hiring

Understand technical recruiting 101 on Codility! Learn the anatomy of a great hiring process, including the four main elements of an effective interview.

Codility Sponsored Challenges: Your Weapon X Sourcing Strategy

We just launched Sponsored Challenges to help you source more talented programmers and build relationships within the dev community.

Stack Overflow Recruiting: How To Find Software Developers

Learn how to find developers online using a stack overflow recruiting process. Start connecting hiring teams and sourcing developers online using Codility!

GitHub For Developers: Sourcing and Recruiting Software Developers

Ruslan Khalilov, Technical Recruiter, shares tips on how to effectively source & recruit software developers on GitHub. Find all tech hiring tips on Codility!

Working With Recruiters: A Hiring Manager's Perspective | Codility

From initial kickoff to the first round of interviews, find out how to create lasting partnerships when working with recruiters. Learn more from Codility!

Recruiter and Hiring Manager Partnerships: A Recruiter's Perspective

From the initial kick-off meeting to the overall recruiting process, find out how to maintain a strategic recruiter and hiring manager partnership on Codility!

Hiring Manager vs Recruiter: Improving The Relationship

An ideal relationship between recruiters & hiring managers is a partnership. Enhance your tech hiring with combined trust & respect by using these 3 tips.

Recruitment Workflow Process For Tech Hiring | Codility

Implement a solid workflow during your tech recruitment process. Use Codility's integration ecosystem & API to ensure your hiring teams are working seamlessly.

Subjectivity vs Objectivity: Recruiting Tech Talent For a Startup

Understand the best recruiting methods for startups, including tips on how balancing subjectivity vs objectivity in hiring tech talent. Learn more on Codility!

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