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Tech Recruiting

Recruiting Season: Fall University Recruiting Challenges

Tech hiring teams are gearing up for the fall university recruiting season. Read on if you’re a hiring team member who wants to find & recruit stellar talent.

Constructive Recruitment: Giving Open Candidate Feedback

Understand the benefits of constructive recruitment on Codility, including how giving open feedback helps build genuine relationships with potential employees.

Boomeranging Back to Developer from Product Owner

Hiring teams should use skills-based, objective measures when assessing tech candidates. Focusing on skillset is how we hired recent Piotr Wiechno, who had a somewhat unconventional background for the role he was hired for.

Online Programming Tests & How to Improve Candidate Experience

Codility has sent over 4 million online programming tests! Learn from our track record and find out how to improve the candidate experience in tech recruiting.

GDPR Readiness Checklist: Objective & Procedures from Codility

Review Codility's checklist and plans to undertake specific data challenges in preparing for the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

How to Prepare For GDPR: Data Storage Tips & Considerations

Find out how to prepare for the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), including tips & considerations from Codility CTO Paweł Marczewski!

Technical Recruiter Training Part II: Improve Candidate Experience

Understand the importance of improving candidates experience during the recruiting process and start revamping your tech hiring on Codility today!

Tech Recruiting 101 Part 1: The Anatomy of Great Hiring

Understand technical recruiting 101 on Codility! Learn the anatomy of a great hiring process, including the four main elements of an effective interview.

Codility Sponsored Challenges: Your Weapon X Sourcing Strategy

We just launched Sponsored Challenges to help you source more talented programmers and build relationships within the dev community.

Stack Overflow Recruiting: How To Find Software Developers

Learn how to find developers online using a stack overflow recruiting process. Start connecting hiring teams and sourcing developers online using Codility!

GitHub For Developers: Sourcing and Recruiting Software Developers

Ruslan Khalilov, Technical Recruiter, shares tips on how to effectively source & recruit software developers on GitHub. Find all tech hiring tips on Codility!

Working With Recruiters (A Hiring Manager's Perspective)

From initial kickoff to the first round of interviews, find out how to create lasting partnerships when working with recruiters. Learn more from Codility!

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