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Tech Recruiting

Working at Dolby: An Inside Look at Engineering

Dolby’s Head of Recruitment was tasked with starting an R&D center in Australia in 2011 — fast-forward eight years and he would grow the engineering team to over 140 developers. Here’s what tech hiring at Dolby looks like.

How to Hire and Retain the Best Python and Django Developers

The rise of Python in recent years shows how more and more engineering teams are turning to open source technologies like Django to power their websites. Here's how to attract and retain Python and Django developer candidates.

Microsoft's Culture Shift & Growth Mindset (How They Changed)

How does Microsoft hire top engineering talent? Domina McQuade, a lead tech recruiter at Microsoft, shares Microsoft's culture and growth mindset with us!

Why Okta Expects A World Without CVs

What are the top trends that are impacting Okta's hiring processes in 2020? Hint: CVs and resumes are still being used — but this is going to change.

How Google Recruits Top Engineering Talent

How do enterprise-grade companies interview engineering leaders? Learn from seasoned recruitment professional, Amy Miller, Senior Tech Recruiter at Google!

Tech Hiring Is Changing… Here's What You Need To Know

Companies worldwide are facing real challenges when it comes to hiring developers with specialized skills. Get valuable tech hiring insights on Codility!

How to Attract Top Developers in 2020 (Infographic) | Codility

Do you want to build stronger relationships with top developers? In order to get the attention of strong candidates, you need to understand what matters most.

Tech Hiring Trends That Are Shaping The Future

Tech hiring is not what it used to be. In order to know where it’s going, let’s look at the trends that are shaping tech hiring today. You may be surprised!

Failing to Attract Good Engineering Talent? You Could Be the Cause...

What you need to realize is that the company does not choose the candidate; the candidate chooses the company. Here are 3 changes you can implement today!

Anatomy of a Successful Senior Developer Interview

Learn how to effectively interview senior developer talent — an important contributor to your company’s success.

Whiteboard Interviews: Why They're Bad For Tech Interviews

Whiteboard interviews should not be used during tech interviews with developer candidates. See why online technical assessment tools are a better choice instead of whiteboard interviews.

Hiring Mobile Developers (3 Things You Need To Know)

The bottom line is—hiring the best mobile developer is challenging. Use this as a guide to help you win over talent and get started on the hiring process!

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